(IAPR MVA 2000)

November 28-30, 2000, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Table of Contents

Front Messages in the Proceedings

Session 1: FA and Security

Reconstruction of Fiber Orientation Distribution by Observing Interference Fringe Patterns and Elliptical Marks 1
M. Kawamura and S. Morita, Japan
Detection and Classification of Sewer Pipe Junctions Using Reflective Photometric Stereo 615
T. P. Pridmore, S. Broadhurst and N. Taylor, UK
Partial Automation of Database Acquisition in the FAVRET Face Tracking and Recognition System Using a Bootstrap Approach 5
S. Clippingdale and T. Ito, Japan
Automatic Intruder Detection and Tracking System with Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera 9
T. Haga, H. Fujiwara and K. Sumi, Japan
Road Traffic Surveillance with Multiple Views 15
T. Hasegawa and H. Zen, Japan
A Method for Monitoring Activities of Multiple Objects by Using Stochastic Model 19
N. Enomoto, T. Kanade, H. Fujiyoshi and O. Hasegawa, Japan

Session 2: Multimedia

Flexible Auto-Calibration and Its Application to Augmented Reality 23
Y. Seo, A. Heyden and K-S. Hong, Korea
Enhanced Augmented Reality with Shadows in Naturally Illuminated Environments 27
T-O. Kim, K-S. Hong, I. Sato and K. Ikeuchi, Korea
On the Precision of Textures 31
F. Nielsen and N. de Mauroy, Japan
Finding Minimal Photo Hull for Image-Based Rendering by Carving Space with Progressively Stricter Consistent Criterion 35
C-M. Tsai and C-S. Chen, Taiwan

Session 3: Poster Session 1

Comparison of Color Space Models Based on Human Color Classification and Image Segmentation 39
K. Takahashi, M. Matsuura, T. Sugiyama and K. Abe, Japan
Unsupervised Classification of X-Ray Mapping Images of Polished Sections 44
K. B. Hilger, A. A. Nielsen and J. M. Carstensen, Denmark
A Recognition Method for Skewed Four-State Bar Codes by Using Raster-Scanned Binary Images and Connected Components 48
Y. Shima, K. Marukawa, H. Shinjoo, K. Nakashima, M. Koga and T. Kagehiro, Japan
Granulometry Using Mathematical Morphology and Motion 51
F. Dornaika and H. Zhang, Canada
Removing the Intensity Variations Caused by Textures on Textile Surfaces Using Wavelet Shrinkage 55
H. Fujiwara and Z. Zhang, Japan
Automated TV-set Raster Tuning System 59
R. Kh. Sadykhov,A. V. Klimovich, O. G. Malenko and L. P. Podenok, Belarus
Development of Visual Inspection System Based on Vector Analysis Technique 63
M. Sakuma, K. Kubo, S. Kanemoto, T. Butsuen, Y. Saito and K. Horii, Japan
Airport Monitoring System: Robust Airplane Extraction against Variable Environmental Conditions 67
T. Aoki, O. Nakayama, M. Shiohara, S. Sasaki andY. Murakami, Japan
License Plate Recognition Using Associative Matching Based on Clique-Finding 71
M. Shi, W. Ohyama, T. Wakabayashi and F. Kimura, Japan
Real Time Vision Based Road Lane Detection and Tracking 75
R. Aufrère, R. Chapuis and F. Chausse, France
Vision Based Global Navigation System for Autonomous Urban Transport Vehicles in Outdoor Partially Known Environments 79
M. A. Sotelo, L. Magdalena, F. J. Rodrigues and L. M. Bergasa, Spain
Real-Time Camera Parameter Estimation from Images for a Wearable Vision System 83
T. Okuma, T. Kurata and K. Sakaue, Japan
Surface Evolution Based on Wave Propagation and Its Application to Topology-Adaptive 3D Modeling 87
K. Hara, H. Zha and T. Hasegawa, Japan
Realistic Virtual Face and Body Synthesis 91
J. Yan and H. Zhang, China
Bayesian Shot Detection Using Structural Weighting 95
S. H. Han, I. S. Kweon, C. Y. Kim and Y. S. Seo, Korea
Facial Caricaturing System Controlled by the KANSEI of Gallery Through the Feedback from Eye-Camera 99
M. Tominaga, T. Asao, K. Murakami and H. Koshimizu, Japan
Visualization System Displaying Retrieved Images in 2-D Semantic Space 103
Y. Musha and A. Hiroike, Japan
Extracting Story Units from Video Using Contextual Information 107
H-B. Kang, Korea
On the Detection of Feature Points of 3D Facial Image and Its Application to 3D Facial Caricature 111
T. Fujiwara, M. Tominaga, K. Kato, K. Murakami and H. Koshimizu, Japan
Optimized Camera Viewpoint Determination System for Soccer Game Broadcasting 115
K. Matsumoto, S. Sudo, H. Saito and S. Ozawa, Japan
Static Test of MPEG Visual Decoders 119
W-S. Kim, I-S. Park, S-H. Park, B-U. Lee and R-H. Park, Korea
Qualitative Decomposition of Range Images into Convex Parts / Objects 123
X. Jiang, Switzerland
A New Face Recognition System with Robustness against Illumination Changes 127
R. Ishiyama, S. Sakamoto and J. Tajima, Japan
A Face Recognition Algorithm Robust Against Illumination Variations Using 3-Dimensional Face Shape 132
H. Imaoka and S. Sakamoto, Japan
Detecting Perceptual Color Changes from Sequential Images for Scene Surveillance 136
M. Rautiainen, T. Ojila and H. Kauniskangas, Finland
A Face Recognition Terminal with Effective Illumination for Access Control Systems 140
T. Sato, H. Sukegawa, K. Yokoi and A. Okazaki, Japan
Partial Face Extraction and Recognition Using Radial Basis Function Networks 144
H. Nan, K. Sato and Y. Takahashi, Japan
Real-Time Facial Feature Detection for Person Identification System 148
S. U. Lee,Y. S. Cho, S. C. Kee and S. R. Kim, Korea
Iris Identification System Using Tree-Structured Wavelet Algorithm 152
T. R. Mengko, A. Ardianti and A. Setyorini, Indonesia
An Active Search of Local Individualities for an Off-line Signature Verification 156
S. Ando and M. Nakajima, Japan
A Character Pattern Extraction Method Applicable to Various Types of Images 160
H. Goto and H. Aso, Japan
Computational Analysis for Conservation of Works of Art 164
V. Kokla. A. Psarrou, A. Alexopoulou and V. Konstantinou, UK
An Environment to Test Progressive Refinement of Indexing for Content-Based Image Retrieval 168
M. G. Albanesi, M. Ferretti and A. Giancane, Italy
Grasping Objects of Various Shapes by Calibration-Free Vision-Guided Robots 173
V. Graefe and M-C. Nguyen, Germany

Session 4: Invited Talk 1

Evolution of Real-Time Image Processing in Practical Applications 177
M. Ejiri, T. Miyatake, H. Sako, A. Nagasaka and S. Nagaya, Hitachi

Session 5: Color Image Analysis

Visual Inspection of Parquet Slabs by Combining Color and Texture 187
J. Kyllönen and M. Pietikäinen, Finland
Shape Based Segmentation and Color Distribution Analysis with Application to Bread Recognition 193
D. Pishva, A. Kawai and T. Shiino, Japan
Extraction of Character String Areas from Color Scenery Image Using Psychological Potential Field 197
M. Anegawa, A. Nakamura and S. Miyahara, Japan
3D Shape Reconstruction Using Three Light Sources in Image Scanner 201
H. Ukida and K. Konishi, Japan

Session 6: Human Computer Interaction

Virtual Subspace Method for Robust Face Recognition Independent of Lighting Conditions 205
T. Shakunaga and N. Yamamoto, Japan
Feature Ordering by Cross Validation for Face Detection 211
T. Kurita, K. Hotta and T. Mishima, Japan
Visual Screen: Transforming an Ordinary Screen into a Touch Screen 215
Z. Zhang and Y. Shan, USA
A Multi-Modal Interface for Recognizing Gestures Expressed by Cyclically Repeated Motion of the Hand 219
M. Nishimura, A. Nishikawa, K. Koara and F. Miyazaki, Japan
An Adaptive Vision-based Interactional Intention Inference System in Human / Robot Coexistence 223
M. A. Thi Ho, Y. Yamada, T. Sakai, T. Morizono and Y. Umentani, Japan

Session 7: Feature Extraction

Line Matching through Global Optimization Constrained by Protective Invariants 227
A. Branca, E. Stella and A. Distante, Italy
Robust Image Registration Using Selective Correlation Coefficient 231
Y. Sato, S. Kaneko and S. Igarashi, Japan
Applicable Method to Specular Surface for Recovering Sign of Local Gaussian Curvature 236
S. Fukui, Y. Iwahori, R. J. Woodham, K. Funahashi and A. Iwata, Japan
New A/D Conversion Technique for Smart Image Sensor 240
T. Hamamoto, Y. Ino and K. Aizawa, Japan
A Video-Rate Stereo System by Integration of Two Algorithms with/without Occlusion Handling 244
Y. Sugaya and Y. Ohta, Japan

Session 8: Poster Session 2

Curve Matching with Probabilistic Relaxation 248
Y. Shan and Z. Zhang, USA
Line Segment Detection by High Performance Digital Template Hough Transform DTHT4 254
S. Li, M. Tominaga, K. Kato, K. Murakami, H. Koshimizu and J. Hayashi, Japan
Yet Another Appearance-Based Method for Pose Estimation Based on a linear Model 258
T. Okatani and K. Deguchi, Japan
Object Search Using Orientation Code Matching 262
F. Ullah, S. Kaneko and S. Igarashi, Japan
Edge-Based Segmentation of Textured Images Using Optimally Selected Gabor Filters 267
B. R. Okombi-Diba, J. Miyamichi and K. Shoji, Japan
Evolutionary Feature Selection for Texture Classification Using Multiwavelets 271
B. Y. Liao, J. W. Wang, F. H. Wang, J. S. Pan and C. S. Shieh, Taiwan
Structural Stability Analysis for Texture Recognition 275
Y. Miyamoto, M. N. Shirazi and K. Uehara, Japan
Distortion-Free Navigation of Omni-Directional Images Using Constructive Neural Networks 279
F. Ekpar, M. Yoneda and H. Hase, Japan
Multi-Spectral Panoramic Sensor 283
O. Romain, T. Ea, C. Gastaud and P. Garda, France
A New Computational Image Sensor with Programmable Spatially Variant Multiresolution Readout Capability 287
Y. Ohtsuka and K. Aizawa, Japan
A Multi-Resolution Image Understanding System Based on Multi-agent Architecture for High-Resolution Images 291
K. Yanai and K. Deguchi, Japan
Evaluation of Two Real Time Low Level Image Processing Architecture 295
S. Persa, C. Nicolescu and P. Jonker, The Netherlands
A Fully Automatic Segmentation Method for Virtual Bronchoscopy 299
K. Ku, D. Kim and J. H. Kim, Korea
Active Contours for Bolus Tracking in X-Ray Images Sequences 303
E. Dellandrea, P. Makris, M. Boiron and N. Vincent, France
A Fully Automatic Alignment of Electron Tomography Images without Fiducial Markers 307
S. Brandt and J. Heikkonen, Finland
Automatic Segmentation of Features in Medical CT Imagery 311
A. L. Reno and D. M. Booth, UK
Retinal Image Segmentation by Watersheds 315
B. Perra. M. Petrou and D. D. Giusto, Italy
Self-Organization of Viewpoint Dependent Face Representation by the Self-Supervised Learning and Viewpoint Independent Face Recognition by the Mixture of Classifiers 319
T. Kurita, H. Shimai, T. Mishima and T. Takahashi, Japan
3D Model Based Detection of People in Monocular Video Sequences Taken in Trainstations 323
S. Huwer and H. Niemann, Germany
Local Zernike Moments Vector for Content-Based Queries in Image Data Base 327
E. Bigorgne, C. Achard and J. Devars, France
Face Recognition Using Independent Component Analysis of Gabor Responses 331
K-C. Chung, S. C. Kee and S. R. Kim, Korea
A Library System for Small-Scale Library 335
M. Yasuda, K. Iwata, K. Yamamoto, K. Kato, K. Tanahashi and K. Murata, Japan
Comparison of Some Vision System for Blinds 341
E. E. Pissaloux, H. Bouayed and S. Abdallah, France
Detection and Estimation of Omni-Directional Pointing Gestures Using Multiple Cameras 345
H. Watanabe, H. Hongo, M. Yasumoto and K. Yamamoto, Japan
Gesture Control for Use in Automobiles 349
S. Akyol, U. Canzler, K. Bengler and W. Hahn, Germany
Cooperative Distributed Tracking for Effective Face Registration 353
T. Kato, Y. Mukaigawa and T. Shakunaga, Japan
Performance Analysis of Gabor Responses in Face Recognition 359
M. Rajapakse and Y. Guo, Singapore
On Eye Gaze Determination via Iris Contour 363
J-G. Wang, E. Sung and R. Venkateswarlu, Singapore
Image Retrieval through Abstract Shape Indication 367
A. Brucale, F. Cesari, M. d'Amico, M. Ferri, P. Frosini, L. Gualandri, M, Guerra, A, Lovato andI. Pace, Italy
Generating Facial Image Eye-Contacting with Partner on the TV Conference Environment 371
T. Yamaguchi, M. Tominaga, K. Murakami and H. Koshimizu, Japan
Human Face Image Creation for Virtual Space Teleconferencing Using Camera Input Images 375
H. Sato, N. Terashima and H. Tominaga, Japan
A Visual Support System for Visually Impaired Persons Using Acoustic Interface 379
Y. Kawai and F. Tomita, Japan
A Field Mapping System to Distinguish Clover Stocks from Grass Thicket Using a Texture Analysis Method 383
H. Tamura, O. Atoda and K. Sakai, Japan
A Detection Method of Cracks and Structural Objects of the Road Surface Image 387
N. Tanaka and M. Mouri, Japan
Chinese Character Classification Based on Rough Set and SVM Algorithm1 391
J-S. Fan and T-J. Fang, China

Session 9: Invited Talk 2

Computer Vision Techniques for Content-Based Image Retrieval from Large Medical Databases 395
A. Kak and C. Pavlopoulou, Purdue University

Session 10: Medical Applications

Automatic Transfer of Pre-Operation fMRI Markers into Intra-Operation MR-Images for Updating Functional Neuronavigation 405
M. Wolf, T. Vogel, P. Weierich, Ch. Nimsky and H. Niemann, Germany
Camera Motion Estimation Based on Real Endoscope Images and CT Images for Endoscope Navigation System 409
J. Sugiyama, H. Syouji, K. Mori, Y. Suenaga, J. Toriwaki and J. Hasegawa, Japan
A Knowledge Based Boundary Delineation from Left Ventriculograms 413
L. Sui, F. H. Sheehan and R. M. Haralick, USA
Computer-Aided Diagnostic System Based on Liver CT Image 419
J-S. Hong, T. Kaneko, R. Sekiguchi and K-H. Park, Korea

Session 11: Range and 3D Analysis

Dense Disparity Map Estimation Respecting Image Discontinuities: A PDE and Scale-Space BasedApproach 423
L. Alvarez, R. Deriche, J. Sanchez and J. Weickert, France
Reconstruction of Architectural Scenes from Uncalibrated Photos and Maps 427
I. Infantino, R. Cipolla and A. Chella, Italy
Shape from Pattern Light Projection: Object Having a Diffusive and Specular Surface 431
S. Tsukamoto and H. Miike, Japan
Fast ICP Algorithm Using a One-Dimensional Search 435
W-S. Kim and R-H. Park, Korea
Finding Line Segments in Range Images 439
C. Guerra and V. Pascucci, Italy

Session 12: Motion and Image Sequence Analysis

Self-Calibration from Optical Flow and Its Reliability Evaluation 443
K. Kanatani, Japan
A 3-D Motion Recovery Technique for Group Sports Employing Uncalibrated Video Cameras 447
J. K. Tan, S. Ishikawa and K. Hayashi, Japan
Recovering Camera Motion from Image Sequence Based on Registration of Silhouette Cones: Shape from Silhouette Using a Mobile Camera with a Gyro Sensor 451
T. Okatani and K. Deguchi, Japan
Motion Segmentation and Tracking by Embedding Global Model Within a Contextual Relaxation Scheme 455
Y. Chen and T. S. Huang, USA
Shape and Motion Estimation from Geometric Primitives in Video Streams 459
P-L. Bazin, J-M. Vezien and A. Gagalowicz, France

Session13: Poster Session 3

Recovering Shape of Unfolded Books Surface from a Scanner Image Using Eigenspace Method 463
H. Ukida, K. Konishi, T. Wada and T. Matsuyama, Japan
A Decomposition Approach to Geometric Fitting 467
X. Jiang, Switzerland
Projective Differential Stereo Vision with Robust Segmentation by M-Estimation 471
A. Miyamoto, T. Kondo, S. Kaneko and S. Igarashi, Japan
Object Recognition Based on Depth Aspect Image Matching 476
T. Takeguchi, T. Kondo, S. Kaneko and S. Igarashi, Japan
Fast Lighting/Rendering Solution for Matching a 2D Image to a Database of 3D Models: "LightSphere" 481
A. P. Blicher and S. Roy, USA
Fitting 3D Models To 2D Imagery: A Physics Based Approach 485
M. Berger, V. Kwavtchenko-Berejnoi and S. Scherer, Austria
Registration of Range Images Considering Depth Measurement Error 489
K-S. Yoon, B-U. Lee, R-H. Park and W-S. Kim Korea
Area-Based Estimation of Stereo Disparity Using Hierarchical Windows 493
A. Osa, H. Yamashita and H. Miike, Japan
Nonlinear Diffusion of Normals for Stable Detection of Ridges and Ravines on Range Images and Polygonal Models 497
Y. Ohtake and A. Belyaev, Japan
A Fast Snake-Based Method to Track Football Player 501
S. Lefèvre, C. Fluck, B. Maillard and N. Vincent, France
Determining Temporally Evaluated Optical Flow 505
R. Okada, Y. Taniguchi and K. Onoguchi, Japan
Model-Based 3D Motion Analysis via Robust Estimation 509
J. Rocha and A. Mir, Spain
A Wavelet-Based Template Locating Criterion for Electronic Digital Image Stabilizer Application 513
H. R. Pourreza, F. Behazin and M. Rahmati, Iran
Human Tracking Based on Hierarchical Attention Control 517
J. Satake and T. Shakunaga, Japan
Feature-Based Real-Time Human Face Tracking Using Lie Algebras 521
A. Inoue, T. Drummond and R. Cipolla, Japan
A Unique Recovery of3D Shape and Size from Motion 525
A. Amano, T. Migita and N. Asada, Japan
A Block-Based Motion Estimator Capable of Handling Occlusions 529
M. J. W. Mertens and G. deHaan, TheNetherlands
Tracking Multiple Pedestrians in Crowd 533
K. Uchida, J. Miura and Y. Shirai, Japan
Combating Occlusion and Scene Changes for Camera Position Determination 537
P. Quick and D. Capson, Canada
Mosaic Representations of Video Shots Based on Slice Image Analysis 541
F. Shaolei, L. Hangqing and L. Dalong, China
A Method for Estimating Multiple Motion Parameters and Planar Surface Parameters without Feature Point Correspondence 545
A. Minagawa, Y. Horie, N. Tagawa and T. Tanaka, Japan
Estimation of Surface Location of a Textured Plane Using Spectral Moments 549
T. Tsuji and Y. Yoshida, Japan
Face Sequence Matching with Certainty Factor Evaluation 553
H. Mo and S. Satoh, Japan
Foreground Detection with Non-stationary Background 557
Y. Ren, C-S. Chua and Y-K. Ho, Singapore
Optimal Grid Pattern for Automated Matching Using Cross Ratio 561
C. Matsunaga and K. Kanatani, Japan
A Linear Metric Reconstruction by Complex Eigen-Decomposition 565
Y. Seo and K-S. Hong, Korea
Versatile Cooperative Multiple-Object Tracking by Active Vision Agents 569
N. Ukita, T. Nagao and T. Matsuyama, Japan
Application of Hybrid Fractal Image Compression Method for Aerial Photographs 574
L. Yulianti and T. R. Mengko, Indonesia
3D Reconstruction Based on Epipolar Geometry 578
M. Kimura and H. Saito, Japan
Optimization of Image Processing by Genetic and Evolutionary Computation: How to Realize Still Better Performance 582
H. Shimodaira, Japan
3D City Modeling with Laser Range Data and 2D Maps 588
P. Wang, T. Doihara, K. Oda and W. Lu, Japan
From Digital Map to 3D Map: Creating 3D Map by Motion Stereo Utilizing 3D Map 592
M. Uehara and H. Zen, Japan
Map Generation from Aerial Imagery Using Data Compression 596
T. Watanabe, K. Sugawara and H. Sugihara, Japan

Session 14: Invited Talk 3

Machine Vision for Medicine of 21st Century 600
Nicholas Ayache, INRIA

Session 15: Parameter Estimation

Radial Distortion Snakes 603
S. B. Kang, USA
Feature-Based Lens Distortion Correction for Image Mosaicing 607
N. Chiba, M. Minoh and H. Kano, Japan
From Surface Roughness to Surface Displacements 611
H. Mayer, Austria

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