Proceedings of IAPR Workshop on COMPUTER VISION

Special Hardware and Industrial Applications


Table of Contents

Front Messages in the Proceedings

High Speed lmage Processors (I)

Some Considerations on the Limitations of Image Processing Computer Architectures (Invited) 1
M. J. B. Duff, UK
Architecture of a High-Performance Image Processing System 6
H. Takenaga, Y. Kobayashi, M. Takatoo, Y. Okuyama, S. Miura, T. Fukushima, K. Asada and K. Fujiwara, Japan
A High Speed Image Processing System Utilized in Autonomous Vehicle Guidance 10
V. Graefe and K-D. Kuhnert, FRG

High Seeed Image Processors (2)

PICAP 3 - A Coarse-Grain Linear SIMD-Array 14
P-E . Danielsson, B. Lindskog and J. Segerstroem, Sweden
A High Speed Raster-to-Vector Conversion Using Special Hardware for Contour Tracking 18
S. Shimotsuji, A. Okazaki, O. Hori and S. Tsunekawa, Japan
Motion Estimation for Video Bandwidth Compression Using a Heterogeneous Pyramid Image Processing Architecture 24
G. R. Nudd, S. C. Clippingdale, R. M. Howarth, T. J. Atherton, N. D. Francis, G. J. Vaudin, and D. W. Walton, UK
Real-Time Tracking System of Multiple Line Segments for Motion Stereo 28
S. Kimura and S. Ozawa, Japan
Implementation and Evaluation of Algorithms for Image Processing by Means of Transputer Network 32
M. Akil, France

Stereo Vision

Depth and Motion Analysis: The Machine Being Developed within Esprit Project 940 (Invited) 35
O. Faugeras and R. Deriche, France
Real-Time Stereo Matching Using Transputer Arrays for Close-Range Applications 45
J-P. Muller, A. Anthony, A. T. Brown, K. A. Collins, A. T. Deacon, C. R. Jobson, S. A. Kennedy, P. M. Montgomery, J. B. G. Roberts, G. W. Robertson, and D. M. Watson, UK
An Algorithm for Stereo-Image Matching Well Adapted for a Parallel System 50
X-W. Tu and B. Dubuisson, France
A Stereo Matching Method Using the Green's Function 54
S. Hattori, S. Murai and H. Ohtani, Japan
A Three Camera Approach for the Reconstruction of a Visible Surface Using Corner, Edge and Shading Information 58
I. E. Vakalis, USA

Poster Session 1

Hypotheses of Geometric Structure Generated in an Active Computer Vision System 62
K. Brunnstroem, J-O. Eklundh and G. Olofsson, Sweden
Surface Image Processing Operator 66
V. Lashas, USSR
Acquiring Range Data in the Binocular 3-D Computer Vision Using Edge-Based Hierarchical Matching 70
S. Jin and Y. Li, PRC
A Segment-Based Matching Algorithm in Trinocular Vision 74
S. Yokoi, Japan, G. Medioni and R. Nevatia, USA
3-D Industrial Parts Identification Using the O. P Views Generation Method 78
C. L. Huang, ROC
Hough Clustering Technique for Surface Matching 82
S. M. Bhandarkar and M. Suk, USA
Moving Object Recognition by Markovian Random Walk Approach 86
Y-L. Ma, C. Ma and T-Y. Tu, ROC
Multiresolution Image Motion Detection and Displacement Estimation 87
S. Song, M. Liao and J. Qing, PRC
A Fast and Reliable Token Tracker 91
P. Stelmaszyk, C. Discours and A. Chehikian, France
Image Processing Traffic Flow Measuring System of Hokuriku Expressway 95
K. Kato, K. Nishiyama, M. Deguchi, Y. Ito and K. Sakai, Japan
Vision Verification of a Mobile Robot: Method and Strategy 99
T. Bao and X. Lin, PRC
A Hardware Architecture for Robot Path Planning 100
P. P. Jonker, S. T. Dekker and B. J. H. Verwer, The Netherland
Design of Two Specialized "Real Time" Texture Analysers and Comparison: Systolic Versus Non-Systolic Architecture 105
G. Ouvradou and D. Barba, France
Image Processing System for Analyzing High Speed Phenomenon -High Speed Video Camera and Image Processing Program on Personal Computer- 108
Y. Morimoto, Y. Seguchi and M. Yamashita, Japan
A Special Pilpeline Architecture for Morphologic Image Analysis and Its Application in Fast Thining of Character 112
X-f. Huang, X-q. Ding, N. Xu and Y-s. Wu, PRC
A High Speed Robot Vision System Comperating with PUMA-A760 115
G. Bai, J. Yu and Z. Liang, PRC
A Special Hardware for Detection of Attaching or Overlapping Objects 116
G. Mollath, B. Schneider and T. Lehnert, FRG
Biomac, A Versatile Biometric Verification Machine for Access Control 120
R. Reitter, C. Andre, M. J. Revillet and M. Achemlal, France
Some Researches of Pyramid Structure in Robot Vision System 124
D. Zhang and Z. Bian, PRC
An Integrated Asynchronous Cellular Array to Do Parallel Image Reconstruction 128
D. Lattard and G. Mazare, France
TAGIPS, An Adaptable Parallel Processor for Imaging Applications 132
P. Haenninen, J. Viitanen, J. Salo and J. Takala, Finland
An Image Processing System for Eye Statistics from Eye Diagrams 136
S. V. Ahamed and V. B. Lawrence, USA
Video Workstation and its Applications to Image Simulation System 140
S. Kageyama, S. Abe, M. Tamura, Japan
The Development of a Unmanned Watching System Using Video Cameras 144
K. Kaneda, E. Nakamae, K. Gotoh, E. Takahashi and K. Yasawa, Japan
A Vision System for Standard Parts Inspection and Measurement 149
M. Zhou, B. Li, Y. Zhu, Z. Zhang, X. Wang and S. Qian, PRC
Visual Inspection in the Leather Industry 153
P. Wambacq, M. Mahy, G. Noppen and A. Oosterlinck, Belgium
A New and Quick Approach to the Fault-Detection of High-Voltage Wires Based on Infrered Image Analysis 157
X. Li, G. Zhen and H. Liu, PRC
Automatic Inspection of Diode Pellets 161
Y. Okawa and S. Mizuno, Japan
Quality Estimation of SEM Wafer Images 165
E. Bartfeld, I. Nadler-Niv, Israel
Thinning Algorithms for Document Processing Systems 169
U. Eckhardt and G. Maderlechner, FRG
A System for Automatic Drafting Encoding 173
V. Cappellini, F Flamigni and A. Mecocci, Italy
Handwritten Character Recognition Adaptable to the Writer 179
S. Tsuruoka, H. Morita, F. Kimura and Y. Miyake, Japan
General and Nimble OCR Open System and the Flexible Segmentation Recognition Algorithms 183
J. Du and H. Liu, PRC
The Extension of The Aho-Corasick Algorithm to Multiple Rectangular Patterns of Different Sizes and N-Dimensional Patterns and Text 185
R. F. Zhu, M. Nakajima and T. Agui, Japan
Object Recognition in the Complex Textured Background 189
X-h. Yu and B-z. Yuan, PRC
Line vs Curve Discrimination in a Pyramid Structure 193
J-g Li, PRC
A Constant False Alarm Rate Focus Detector Using 2-D Noncausal and Nonstationary WNDR Modeling 194
P-Y. Zhao and Z-Y. He, PRC
A Fast Hough Transform for Inspecting Accurate Needle-Type Meter Gauges 195
K-q. Li and Q. Tian, PRC
Fourier Descriptors of Two Dimensional Shapes - Reconstruction and Accuracy 199
A. Krzyzak, S. Y. Leung and C. Suen, Canada
Wire Pattern and Cognitive Graph Representation of Textured Images 203
Y. Y. Zeevi and O. A. Hilsenrath, Israel

Engineering Automation for Documents and Line Drawings

Automated Conversion of Mechanical Engineering Drawings to CAD Models: Too many Problems? 206
J. Hofer-Alfeis and G. Maderlechner, FRG
Automatic Reading System for Printed Documents 210
T. Akiyama and N. Hagita, Japan
Knowledge Based Interpretation of Line Drawing Images 216
P. H. Lewis and K. J. Goodson, UK
A Utility Map Transformation System Based on Map Understanding 220
K. Wakimoto, Y. Maeda, M. Shima, A. Maeda, and N. Chikada, Japan
A Raster-to-Vector Conversion Concept Based on Industrial Requirements 224
R. Espelid, Norway

Architectures and VLSI's

Use of a Pyramid Processor in Intermediate-Level Vision (Invited) 229
S. L. Tanimoto, USA
A 60x60 Processor Array Smart Sensor for Binary Image Processung 233
A. Reichart, P. Garda, E. Belhaire, F. Devos and B. Zavidovique, France
Chip Set for Real-Time Video Signal Processing 237
N. Yagi, R. Yajima, K. Enami, S. Mikami, N. Sasaki, K. Hoshino, K. Harukawa and H. Yamada, Japan
INP20 An Image Neighborhood Processor for Large Kernels 241
D. David, T. Court, J. L. Jacquot and A. Pirson, France

3D and Motion

Multi Light Sources Range Finder System 245
T. Yoshimi and M. Oshima, Japan
Investigation on Calibration Problem 249
R. J. Qian and G. Y. Xu, PRC
Reconstruction of Consistent Shape from Inconsistent Data: Optimization of 2 1/2D Sketches 253
K. Kanatani, Japan
3D Motion Estimation using a Token Tracker 257
G. Toscani, R. Deriche and O. D. Faugeras, France
A Vision System for the Interpretation of 3D Complex Moving Scenes 262
D. D. Giusto, S. B. Serpico and G. Vernazza, Italy

Poster Session 2

A General Recursive Filtering Structure for Early Vision and its Hardware Architecture 266
R. Deriche, H. Guiot and G. Randall, France
A New Computer Architecture for Image Processing 270
W. A. Davis and D-L. Lee, Canada
Segmentation and Estimation of Surface from Statistical Probability of Object Features 274
M. Terauchi, M. Nagamachi, K. Ito, T. Tsuji, Japan
Quantitative Shape Recovery of an Object from A Single View 278
X-S. Wei, Q-Y. Shi and M-D. Cheng, PRC
A Close Range Vision Cell for Direct Input of CAD Models 282
A. Anthony, J-P. Muller and A. T. Deacon, UK
Using Trinocular Shading in the Reconstruction of a Visible Surface 286
I. Vakalis, USA
Experiences of Knowledge Based Segmentation of Density Images 290
A. Visa, Finland
Research on Computer-Assisted Generation of Image Processing Algorithms 294
D. G. Bailey, USA
FOREST: A Forestry Planning and Decision Support System 298
T. Chen and J-K. Wu, PRC
A New Approach for Multi-Object Industrial Scene Analysis 299
S. Chaudhury, A. Gupta, S. Subramanian and G. Parthasarathy, India
An Image Processing Language for Step-by-Step Development of Image Processing Systems Consisting of Special-Purpose Hardwares and/or Micro-Programmed Processor 303
K. Deguchi, Japan
Implementation Issues on Parallel Algorithms Using Pipeline Architectures in Visual Inspection 307
A. Fong, Canada
A System for Automated Recognition of Hand-Drawing Logic diagram 311
W-w. Zhang, PRC
Determination of Global Properties in Document Processing 312
Z. Yu and G. Maderlechner, FRG
Region and Keyword Extraction Based on Color Marking for Document Entry 315
M. Shoman, T. Nishimura and T. Kawauchi, Japan
A Prototype of Multi-Font Printed Chinese Character Reader 319
W. Shu and D-m. Guo, PRC
Recognition of Occluded Objects by Local Feature Sequencing 323
J. Song and P. Gaillard, France
Use of the Radon Transform as a Method of Extracting Symbolic Representations of Shape in Two Dimensions 327
V. Leavers, UK
Multidimensional Discrete Signals Description Using Rotation and Scale Invariant Pattern Spectrum 328
M. Binaghi, V. Cappellini and C. Raspollini, Italy
An Algorithm for Matching of Distorted Waveforms Using a Scale-Based Description 329
H. Sakou, H. Yoda and M. Ejiri, Japan
On a Fast Piece-Wise Linear Hough Transform PLHT and its Application 335
H. Koshimizu and M. Numada, Japan
The Most Significant Edges: An Efficient Image Description for Machine Vision Applications 340
A. Schrift, Y. Y. Zeevi and M. Porat, Israel
Multiresolution Image Dynamic Thresholding 343
S. Song, M. Liao and J. Qing, PRC
Entropy-Reduced Transformation Approach to Pattern Recognition of Complex Data Set 347
Y. Y. Tang, Y. Z. Qu and C Y. Suen, Canada
Image Segmentation Technique Used in Estimation of the Size Distribution of Rock Fragments in Mining 351
F. Lu, X. Zhou and Y-b. He, PRC
Textured Images Segmentation by Morphological Partition Filters 355
J. Y. Fouques and P. Cohen, Canada

Research Tool Exhibition

Compact Underground Radar System 361
I. Sugimoto, T. Kikuta and M. Tsunasaki, Japan
A Large Scale Image Processing System TIP-4 Prototype 365
Y. Fujita, M. Iwashita and T. Temma, Japan
An Approach for Real-Time Pattern Recognition of Images by AISS 369
T. Shibata and S. Kuwashima, Japan

PC-Based Image Analysis Systems

High Speed 32Bit Image Processor System DSPT 9506 375
T. Kobayashi, E. Osaki K. Horiguchi and H. Yahiro, Japan
PC-Based Image Processing Systems for Laboratory Use 379
Y. Ogawa and Y. Tanaka, Japan
A PC-Based Interactive Image Processing System for 3-D Analysis of SEM Stereo Images 383
Y. Nishimoto, S. Imaoka and H. Yasukuni, Japan

Visual Inspection and Robot Vision

Some Visual Inspection Problems in the Belgian Industry (Invited) 388
P. Wambacq, P. Dewaele, R. Bartels, J. Vandeneede, D. V. D. Onderhoven and A. Oosterlinck, Belgium
An Automated System For Metal Strip Inspection 397
T. Piironen, O. Silven, T. Laitinen, E. Stroemmer and M. Pietikaeinen, Finland
Precise Visual Inspection Algorithm for LSI Wafer Patterns Using Grayscale Image Comparison 401
Y. Matsuyama, H. Iwata, H. Kubota and Y. Nakagawa, Japan
A Two Level Model-Based Approach of Object Recognition for Robotics Application 405
D. C. Liu, ROC, and B. Peikari, USA
Determination of Apparent Mobile Areas in an Image Sequence for Underwater Robot Navigation 409
P. Bouthemy and P. Lalande, France

AI Techniques in Practical Application

A Knowledge-based Approach to Vision Algorithm Design for Industrial Parts Feeder 413
H. Sato, Y. Kitamura and H. Tamura, Japan
Knowledge-Based Interpretation of Scanned Business Letters 417
J. Kreich, A. Luhn and G. Maderlechner, FRG
MARIS; Map Recognizing Input System -Implementation and Performance on a Special Workstation- 421
S. Suzuki, T. Yamada and Y. Suenaga, Japan
An Intermediate Level Vision System for Populated Printed Circuit Board Inspection 427
I. Wallace, UK
A New Scheme for Practical Flexible and Intelligent Vision Systems 431
N. Otsu and T. Kurita, Japan

3D Analysis

Stable Estimation of a Topographic Primal Sketch for Range Image Interpretation 436
P. Boulanger and P. Cohen, Canada
Object Recognition Using a Tree-Like Procedure Generated from 3-D Model 441
Y. Okamoto, Y. Kuno, K. Onoguchi, M. Watanabe and H. Asada, Japan
Fuzzy Recognition of 3D Objects 447
J. Mukherjee, P. P. Das and B. N. Chatterji, India
Range Image Processing for Bin-Picking of Curved Object 451
T. Fujita, K. Sato and S. Inokuchi, Japan
A Strategy for Processing 3D Range Images 455
T. Kasvand, Canada