(IAPR MVA '96)

November 12-14, 1996, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan

Table of Contents

Front Messages in the Proceedings

Motion and Focal Plane Architectures

Visual Tracking Using Active Search for Color 1
V. V. Vinod and H. Murase, NTT Basic Research Laboratories, Japan
A Kalman Filter-Based Update Scheme for Road Following 5
H. Sahli, P. de Muynck and J. Cornelis, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
Real-time Tracking with Kalman Filter 10
D-S. Jang*, H-L Choi* and G-Y. Kim**, *Soongsil Univ. , **ETRI, Korea
Video Enhancement Sensor Using Motion Adaptive Storage Time 14
T. Hamamoto, K. Aizawa and M. Hatori, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
A Focal Plane Array for Hot Punctual Target Identification and Tracking 18
M. Vasiliu and F. Devos, Paris-Sud Univ. , France


Automatic Configuration of Systems for Texture Analysis 22
C. Kueblbeck, C. Schittko and T. Wagner, Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits Erlangen, Germany
An Adaptive Threshold Method for Gray Scale Character Images 26
M. Yu and S. Ozawa, Keio Univ. , Japan
A Comparison between Top-Down and Bottom-Up Image Analysis in Terms of the Complexity of Searching a Problem Space 30
A. A. Abkar* and N. J. Mulder**, international Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Science, **Unhh of Twente, The Netherlands

Poster Session 1

Parallel Image Processing on Heterogeneous SIMD-MIMD Machines 34
P. Jonker, E. Olk and K. Volker, Delft Univ. of Tech. , The Netherlands
A Coarse Parallel Image Processing System for Remote Sensing 39
J. Iisaka, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Canada
A Modularized Vision System Using a Distributed Cooperative Architecture 43
T. Hamada, Hitachi, Ltd. , Japan
Automatic Spinal Deformity Detection by Two Characteristic Axes 47
H. Ueno*, S. Ishikawa*, Y. Otsuka* and K. Kato*, *Kyushu Institute of Tech. , **National Sanatorium Chiba Higashi Hospital, Japan
Analog and Digital Meter Recognition Using Computer Vision 51
K-H. Kim*, S-I. Chien**, Y-B. Lee*** and K-S. Kim*, *SERI, **Kyungpook National Univ. , ***Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea
A Method of Resolving an Entangled Cord 55
Y. Nogami, S. Ishikawa and K. Kato, Kyushu Institute of Tech. , Japan
A Compact and High Performance Wood Inspection System Using Smart Sensor Technique and Real-Time Parallel Processing 59
A. Aström* and E. Astrand**, *Linköping Univ. , **Soliton Elektronik AB, Sweden
Creation of Plane-Spatiotemporal-Image Using a Selected Slit 63
C. Li*, P. Wang*, H. Zen** and M. Sakauchi*, *Univ. of Tokyo, **Tokyo Univ. of Mercantile Marine* Japan
Interactive Image Segmentation System for Visual Simulation 67
M. Kato, Hitachi Ltd. , Japan
Real-Time Recognition of Signaling Lights in Road Traffic 71
L. Tsinas and V. Graefe, Federal Armed Forces Univ. Munich, Germany
Correlation-Based Visual Tracking Enhanced by Affine Motion Description 75
Y. Adachi*, M. Asada* and T. Nakamura**, *Osaka Univ. , Japan, **Brown Univ. , USA
Position Estimation and Correction of Mobile Robot by Model-based Scene Matching and Optimization Method 79
Y-B. Yang* and H. T. Tsui**, *Southeast Univ. Nanjing, PRC, **The Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
One Dimensional Motion Detector - Multiplicative Inhibitory Velocity Detector (MIVD) 83
A. Wang, N. Zheng, L. Yuan and X. Fu, Xian Jiaotong Univ. , PRC
Model Based Tracking on 3D Objects 87
Z. Li and H. Wang, Nanyang Technological Univ. , Singapore
Pattern Shift Rangefinding for Accurate Shape Information 91
K. Hattori and Y. Sato, Nagoya Institute of Tech. , Japan
3-D Modeling from a Single Sketch Image Using Genetic Algorithms 95
T. Aoi and H. Nagahashi, Tokyo Institute of Tech. , Japan
Shape Recovery for Input of a Rough 3D Shape by Its 2D Sketch 99
T. Kobayashi*, O. Nishimura*, K. Kakusho*, S. Dan** and T. Kitahashi*, *Osaka Univ. , **Kinki Univ. , Japan
Symbolic Segmentation of Handwritten Numerals with Robust Fuzzy Clustering 103
N. Boujeinaa*, O. Montagu*, C. Sourti* and G. Roux* **, *École d'lngénienrs en Infortnatique pour l'Industrie, **SLIGOS, France
Evaluation of the Noise Injection in High Dimensions 107
Y. Mitani, Y. Hamamoto and S. Tomita, Yamaguchi Univ. , Japan
Region Segmentation of the Color Images for Recognition Based on the Spatial Characteristic and Histogram 111
H. B. Yun, D. U. An and S. J. Chung, Chonbuk National Univ. , Korea
A New Way to Visual Representation and Learning 115
Z. Yang, S-D. Ma and Q. Ke, Chinese Academy ofSciences, PRC
A Study on Subpixel Smoothing for Binary Images 119
M. Kawata*, J. Koplowitz** and M. Sakata***, *Clarion Co. Md. , Japan, **Clarkson Univ. , USA, ***Akita Univ. , Japan
Components Recognition by the Generalized Hough Transform Using Multiple Two-dimensional Parameter Spaces 123
F. Saitoh, Ritsumeikan Univ. , Japan
Image Features Based on a Mixed Fractal Model and Evaluation of Their Effectiveness in Image Retrieval 127
T. Hayashi and Y. Tanaka, Hokkaido Univ. , Japan
An Efficient Recognition and Data Extraction Method for Table-Form Documents 131
L. Y. Tseng and R-C. Chen, National Chung Hsing Univ. , Taiwan
On a Simple Method for Corresponding 3-D Facial Images and Its Application to Generate Facial Caricature 135
T. Kondo, K. Murakami and H. Koshimizu, Chukyo Univ. , Japan
A Connecting Method for Disappeared Corner Patterns in Form Documents 139
H. Shinjo, K. Nakashima, M. Koga, K. Marukawa, Y. Shima and E. Hadano, Hitachi, Ltd. , Japan
A Restoration Method for Broken Handwritten Line-figures with Connecting Terminal Points 143
K. Nakashima, M. Koga, K. Marukawa and Y. Shima, Hitachi, Ltd. , Japan
An Automatic Extraction of Road Information on the Basis of Cooperative Hypotheses Interpretation Mechanism 147
M. Nishijima and T. Watanabe, Nagoya Univ. , Japan

Invited Talk 1

Perturbation Models: A New Approach to Improving Handwriting Recognition 151
T. M. Ha, H. Bunke and G. Kaufmann, Univ. of Berne, Switzerland


Efficient Implementation of Image Processing Algorithms on Linear Processor Arrays Using the Data Parallel Language IDC 160
S. Kyo* and K. Sato**, *NEC Corp. , **NEC Informatec Systems, Ltd. , Japan
LAPCAM, Linear Array of Processors Using Content-Addressable Memories: A New Design of Machine Vision for Parallel Image Computations 166
E. Mozef, S. Weber, J. Jaber and C. Bataille, Univ. of Nancy, France
IMAP-VISION: An SIMD Processor with High-Speed On-chip Memory and Large Capacity External Memory. 170
Y. Fujita, N. Yamashita and S. Okazaki, NEC Corp. , Japan
TMP5X5T1M: A Configurable Binary Morphological and Template Matching Processor 174
Y. Yanuhardi, T. Adiono and T. L. R. Mengko, Institute Technology of Bandung, Indonesia
Real-time Hough Transform Based Circular Shape Extraction 178
M. Meribout, T. Ogura and M. Nakanishi, NTT LSI Laboratories, Japan

Applications 1

Automatic Visual Control of a Pedestrian Traffic Light 183
M. Loriaand A. Machi, CNR, Italy
Human-Robot Interface with Appropriate Frame Selection 187
K. Hayashi, Y. Kuno and Y. Shirai, Osaka Unw. , Japan
Aligning Articles in TV Newscasts and Newspapers 191
Y. Watanabe*, Y. Okada*, T. Tsunoda** and M. Nagao*, *Ryukoku Univ. , **Kyoto Univ. , Japan
Low Complexity Disparity Estimation and Object-Based Image Synthesis for Multi-Viewpoint Stereoscopic Videoconferencing 196
E. Izquierdo and M. Karl, Heinrich-Hertz-Institute for Communication Technology, Germany
A System for Non-Intrusive Human Iris Acquisition and Identification 200
K. Hanna, R. Mandelbaum, D. Mishra, V. Paragano and L. Wixson, David Sarnoff Research Center & Sensar Inc. , USA
3D Data Driven Prediction for Active Contour Models with Application to Car Tracking 204
J. Denzler and H. Niemann, Univ. Eiiangen-Nurnheiy* Germany
Event Driven Motion-Image Classification by Selective Attention Model 208
T. Wadaand T. Kato, Okayama Univ. , Japan
Applying a Dynamic Recognition Scheme for Vehicle Recognition in Many Object Traffic Scenes 212
W. Kasprzak* and H. Niemann**, *RIKEN. Japan, **Bavarian Research Center FORWISS, Germany
Fast Visual Detection of Changes in 3D Motion 216
A. A. Argyros, M. I. A. Lourakis, P. E. Trahanias and S. C. Orphanoudakis, Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas & Univ. of Crete, Greece
Realization of Askant Glance Camera Vision System by Using Extended Hough Transform 220
M. Tominaga, K. Kato, K. Murakami and H. Koshimizu, Chukyo Univ. , Japan.

Poster Session 2

Affine Contour-Based Visual Servoing 225
G. M. T. Cross and R. Cipolla, Univ. of Cambridge, UK
A Vision System with Dual Viewing Angles for Spontaneous Speech Dialogue Environment 229
Y-J. Huang, H. Dohi and M. Ishizuka, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
An Approach to Automated House Recognition from Digital Stereo Imagery 233
Z. Shi and R. Shibasaki, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
Gipsy: Knowledge Based Surface Inspection 237
O. Dehning and C. -E. Liedtke, Univ. Hannover, Germany
Recovering 3D-Shape from Motion Stereo under Non-Uniform Illumination - A Vision System for Mobile Robot Carring an Illumination Source - 241
T. Hara*, T. Kudou*, E. Yokoyama*, H. Miike* and A. Nomura**, *Yamaguchi Univ. , **Yamaguchi Prefectural Univ. , Japan
Traffic Flow Measuring System by Image Processing 245
K. Takahashi, T. Kitamura, M. Takatoo, Y. Kobayashi and Y. Satoh, Hitachi. Ltd. , Japan
Computation of Optical Flow Using Dynamic Programming 249
G. M. Quénot, LIMSI-CNRS, France
Eleview: An Active Elevator Monitoring Vision System. , 253
P. Xiao, M. K. H. Leung and K. C. Wong, Nanyang Technological Univ. , Singapore
A Study of Automatically Tracking Pedestrian Flow 257
K. Kitai, Kobe Design Univ. , Japan
Automated Visual Inspection Algorithm for Solder Joint of Surface Mount Devices Based on Three Dimensional Shape Analysis 261
T. Honda*, Y. Matsuyama*, H. Yamamura*, H. Sasazawa*, T. Ninomiya*, L. Listl**, A. Schick** and R. Schneider**, *Hitachi Ltd. , Japan, **Siemens AG, Germany
Object Recognition from Range Images Using Superquadric Representations 267
E. van Dop and P. Regtien, Univ. of Twente, The Netherlands
Extraction of Topological Features of Integrated Circuit from Grey-Scale Image 271
D. Langumovsky*, S. V. Ablameyko* and M. Kutas**, *Belarussian Academy of Sciences, **Association "INTEGRAL", Belarus
Classification of Rotated and Scaled Textured Images Using Spectral Moments 275
Y. Yoshida* and Y. Wu**, *Kyoto Institute of Tech. , **Omron Corp. , Japan
Dynamic Feature in Complicated Pattern Recognition 279
S. Jiang and Y-F. Sun, Chinese Academy of Scierices, PRC
Equidistant Snakes: Accurate Irregular Shaped Contour Detection 285
I. Valdes, Y. Nomura and Y. Mitsuya, Nagoya Univ. , Japan
Inductive Learning of Primitive Shape Features of Closed Contours 289
I. Murase, S. Kaneko and S. Igarashi, Hokkaido Univ. , Japan
Highlight Separation Using Multiple Images with Intensities and Ranges. 293
M. Otsuki and Y. Sato, Nagoya Institute of Tech. , Japan
Measuring Three-Dimensional Shapes of a Human Face Using Photometric Stereo Method with Two Light Sources and Slit Patterns 297
H. Saji, Shizuoka Univ. , Japan
Implementation of an Orientation Selective Hierarchical Spatial Filter Using Diffusion Network 301
T. W. Choi*, D. H. Ryu** and J. C. Kim*, *Pusan National Univ. , **ETRL Korea
Texture Classification Based on Topographic Image Structure 305
P. Sukanya, R. Takamatsu and M. Sato, Tokyo Institute of Tech. , Japan
A Criterion for Circumscribed Contours Determination for Image Segmentation 309
X. Cuff* and D. A. Casals**, *Univ. of Girona, **Polytechnical Univ. of Catalonia, Spain
A Wide-View VR System with Multi-Level Description and Rendering of 3D Scenes 313
Y. Kuno*, T. Yagi** and Y. Uchikawa*, *Nagoya Univ,, **RIKEN, Japan
Pitched Baseball Image Extraction in Natural Color TV Scene and Its Trajectory Pursuit 317
Y. Murai*, K. Bansho** and K. Noda**, *Chofu Gakuen Women's Junior College, **Takushoku Univ. , Japan
An Automatic Method of Counting the Passing People through the Gate by Using Two Space-time Images 321
K. Terada*, M. Fujikawa* and J. Yamaguchi**, *Univ. of Tokushima, **Sogo Security Service Co. ,Ltd. , Japan
A Support System for the Visually Disabled to Recognize 3D Objects 325
Y. Kawai and F. Tomita, Electrotechnical Laboratory, Japan
A New Type of Video Scene Classification System Based on Typical Model Database 329
H. Mo*, S. Satoh** and M. Sakauchi*, *Univ. of Tokyo, **National Center for Science Information Systems* Japan
A Fast and Robust Approach for Document Segmentation and Classification 333
H. Wang, S. Z. Li and S. Ragupathi, Nanyang Technological Univ. , Singapore
Energy-based Method for Road Extraction from Satellite Images 337
Q. Ke, J. Xiao and Z. Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, PRC
Grammatical Approach for the Physical and Logical Structure of Documents Analysis; Application to Summary Documents 341
S. Tayeb-Bey, S. Saidi and H. Emptoz, INSA de Lyon, France
A Practical Data Compression System for Map Images 344
Y. Ou, J. Huang and Y. Yu, South China Univ. of Tech. , PRC
Recognition of Composite Elements in Bar Graphs 348
N. Yokokura and T. Watanabe, Nagoya Unith, Japan

Invited Talk 2

Using Computer Vision in Real Applications: Two Success Stories, 352
G. Medioni, Univ. of Southern California, USA

Documents and Maps

Run-time Behavior of Contour Tracing Algorithms for Document Conversion 361
P. C. K. Kwok and L. C Wong, Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
A New Method for Extracting Map Elements by Their Colors and Shapes from Color Cartographic Maps 365
C-H. Woo*, S-Y. Kim* and S-N. Oh**, *KAIST, **SERL Korea
Identification of Document Types from Various Kinds of Document Images Based on Physical and Layout Features 369
H. Masai and T. Watanabe, Nagoya Univ. , Japan
IDA: A System for Automated Sorting, Indexing, and Classification of Documents 373
G. Maderlechner, T. Bruckner and P. Suda, Siemens AG, Germany
Cooperation between Patterns Recognition and Contextual Analysis: Application to the Reading of Printed Documents 377
H. Jean-Luc and L. Frank, INSA de Lyon, France


Matching for Affine Transformed Pictures Using Hough Planes 381
A. Sakai, Y. Nomura and Y. Mitsuya, Nagoya Univ. , Japan
Planar Shape Enhancement by General Geometric Heat Flow 385
G. Cong and S-D. Ma, Chinese Academy of Sciences, PRC
Is That Portal Ghotic? A Hybrid System for Recognising Architectural Portal Shapes 389
M. De Gregorio, CNR, Italy
Automatic Recognition of Regular Figures by Geometric AIC 393
I. Triono and K. Kanatani, Gunrna Univ. , Japan


Very High Speed Multi Resolution Sheet-of-light Range Imaging 397
A. Aström* and E. Astrand**, *Linköping Univ. , **Soliton Elektronik AB, Sweden
Inspection of Shiny Surface Using a Laser Range Finder 401
I. D. Yun, J. S. Ku and S. U. Lee, Seoul National Univ,, Korea
A Method to Register Multiple Range Images from Unknown Viewing Directions 406
I. Shimizu and K. Deguchi, Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
3D Information Acquisition from Plane Spatio-Temporal Images with Complicated Camera Motion 410
P. Wang*, C. Li*, H. Zen** and M. Sakauchi*, *Univ. of Tokyo, **Tokyo Univ. of Mercantile Marine, Japan
A Radiometric Noise Model for Estimating Geometrical Parameters of 3-D Bodies from Multispectral Images 414
J. C. Glas and F. van der Heijden, Univ. of Twente, The Netherlands

Poster Session 3

Focal Plane Compression Sensors Based on Pixel Parallel and Column Parallel Architectures 418
K. Aizawa*, Y. Egi*, T. Hamamoto*, Y. Otsuka*, M. Hatori*, H. Maruyama** and M. Abe**, *Univ. of Tokyo, **NHK Sci and Tech Res Labs. , Japan
A Single Processor Realtime Edge-Line Extraction System for Feature Tracking 422
G. Magin, C. Robl and G. Färber, Technische Universitdt München, Germany
Parallel Implementation of Features Extraction Using Morphological Filter 426
Y. Nagashima*, T. Nakazono* and T. Ishimatsu**, *Sasebo National College of Tech. , **Nagasahi Univ. , Japan
Real-time 3D Feature Extraction Hardware Algorithm with Feature Point Matching Capability 430
E. Hosoya*, T. Ogura* and M. Nakanishi**, *NTT System Electronics Laboratories, **NTT Electronics Technology Corp. , Japan
Utilization of Network-Based Multicomputer with ATM Technology in Digital linage Processing Applications. . . 434
A. Garrido, P. Cuenca, F. Quiles and T. Olivares, Univ. de Castilla - la Mancha, Spain
Estimating the Propagation Velocity Distribution and the Position of Buried Pipe Using x -t - v Data Matrix of Subsurface Radar Image 438
Y. Fujimura*, A. Kawanaka* and H. Hayakawa**, *Sophia Univ., **Osaka Gas Co. ,Ltd. , Japan
Detection and Visualization of Macro Defects of Color Liquid Crystal Display through Gabor Transform 444
H. Nakano* and Y. Yoshida**, *IBM Japan, Ltd. , **Kyoto Institute of Tech. , Japan
Document Image Segmentation into Text, Continuous-Tone and Screened-Halftone Region by the Neural Networks 450
K. Nakamura*, J. Hao**, S. Yamamoto* and T. Itoh***, *Toyokaski Univ. of Tech. , **Communications Research Lab. , ***Minolta Co. ,Ltd. , Japan
Train Wheel Abrasion, Measurement Method Using Contour Information 454
Y. Okamoto*, S. Kusakabe* and H. Hata**, *Toshiba Corp. , **Toshiba FA System Engineering Inc. , Japan
Hand-Eye Coordination Using Active Stereo Camera 458
W-Y. Yau, H. Wang and D. P. Mital, Nanyang Technological Univ. , Singapore
Automatic Visual Inspection System for Tape Carrier Package Using Unique Image Processing and Human Visual Support 462
E. Takahashi*, H. Terada*, Y. Nishimoto*, Y. Goto**, A. Yamaguchi***, H. Yamaniuro****, A. Miyawaki****, M. Fujii**** and M. Nakamura****, *Kobe Steel Ltd. , Japan, **Stanford Univ. USA, ***Osaka Univ. , Japan, ****Genesis Technology Ltd. , Japan
Measurement of Displacement of Optical Fiber Using Light Intersection Method 466
Y. Tamura, K. Hashimoto, H. Kohda and Y. Hattori, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. , Japan
The Extraction of Characters from Scene Image Using Mathematical Morphology 470
L. Gu*, N. Tanaka**, R. M. Haralick*** and T. Kaneko*, *Toyohashi Univ. of Tech. , Japan, **Kobe Univ. of Mercantile Marine, Japan, ***Univ. of Washington, USA
Feature Extraction and Description from Image Based on Isochromatic Information 474
T. Takeda and Y. Okada, Ryukoku Univ., Japan
A New Approach for Modelisation of Ellipsoidal-based Shape 478
E. Duquenoy*, A. Taleb-Ahmed* and Y. Beral**, *Université du Littoral, **Centre Hospitalier de Calais, France
MDL Mediated by Geometrical Redundancy Reduction and Complement Space 482
Z. Yang, S-D. Ma and Q. Ke, Chinese Academy ofSciences, PRC
A Robust Vision System against the Change of Lighting Condition 486
K. Yamada, M. Mizuno, T. Tsukada and S. Yamamoto, Toyota Central Research and Developinent Laboratories, Inc. , Japan
A Relaxed Fuzzy ISODATA Algorithm 490
S. W-C. Lam, City Univ. of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
A Neural Network Based Multiple Expert System Model for Conflict Resolution 494
N. V. Subba Reddy and P. Nagabhushan, S. J. College of Engineering, India
A Method for Character String Extraction from Binary Images Using Hough Transform 498
O. Shiku*, A. Nakamura**, H. Takahira* and H. Kuroda***, *Saseho National College of Tech. , **Kumamoto Institute of Tech. , ***Nagasaki Univ. , Japan
Extracting Shape Primitives from Skeleton 502
S. V. Ablameyko*, M. Frucci** and A. Mareelli***, *Belarussian Academy of Sciences, Belarus, **CNR, Italy, ***Universita' di Napoli "Federico II", Italy
An Image Retrieving System Based on User-Specified Recognition Model 506
W. Wu*, H. Mo* and M. Sakauchi**, *CyberNet Co. ,Ltd. , **Univ. of Tokyo, Japan
Fast Parallel Multimedia Database Access Based on Wavelet Multiresoliition Pyramidal Decomposition 510
J. M. Marie-Julie and H. Essafi, CEA - Technologies Avancees, France
The Vectorization of Engineering Drawings Based on Statistics 514
G. Wang, Y. Lin and Y. Song, Nankai Univ. , PRC
A Parallel Processing System for a High-Speed Printed Document Recognition 518
K-A. Moon*, H. Lee**, H-J. Yoon** and J-Wr. Park**, *SERI, **Chungnam National Univ. , Korea
Identification of Item Fields in Table-form Documents with/without Line Segments 522
T. Sobue and T. Watanabe, Nagoya Univ. , Japan
A Stereo Vision through Creating a Virtual Image Using Affine Transformation 526
K. Uno and H. Miike, Yamaguchi Univ. , Japan
A Direct Disparity Estimation Technique for Depth Segmentation 530
A. Maki*, T. Uhlin** and J-O. Eklundh**, *Toshiba Corp. , Japan, **Royal Institute of Tech. , Sweden
Range Data Segmentation with Principal Vectors and Surface Types 534
T. Yoshimi, Y. Kawai and F. Tomita, Electrotechnical Laboratory, Japan
Robust and Fast Edge Detection and Description in Range Images 538
X. Y. Jiang and H. Bunke, Univ. of Bern, Switzerland

Invited Talk 3

Architectures for the Hough Transform: A Survey. 542
M. Ferretti and M. G. Albanesi, Univ. of Pavia, Italy

Application 2

Ultra Sonic Image Interpretation for Non-Destructive Testing 552
P. Perner, Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences, Germany
Matching of IC Patterns under Non-Uniform Illumination 555
S. C. Li and C. K. Lee, Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ,, Hong Kong
Analysis of Bone Shape by Local Controlled Deformable Contour for Bone Maturity Estimation 559
Itqon*, S. Kaneko**, H. Kobatake*, F. Otsuki** H. Tanaka* and M. Murata****, *Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Tech. , **Hokkaido Univ. ***Tokyo Metropolitan Univ,, ****Tokyo Womenfs Medical College, Japan
Automated Weld Tracking 563
G. M. T. Cross and R. Cipolla, Univ. of Cambridge, UK
Design of the Cymet A40 Pap Test Prescreener 566
R. Raz, Morphometrix, Canada

Author Index 570