(IAPR MVA 2002)

December 11-13, 2002, Nara-ken New Public Hall, Nara, JAPAN

Table of Contents

Front Messages in the Proceedings

Session 1: Robot & FA

Using Available Potentials of Vision-Based Robots by Converting Passive Watching into Active Seeing 1
Minh-Chinh Nguyen and Volker Graefe, Germany
Pose Estimation for Insertion of Orbital Replacement Units Against Cluttered Background Using a Non-calibrated Camera 5
Chiun-Hong Chien, USA
Practical Pattern Detection from Distributed Defect Points on a Semiconductor Wafer 10
Hisae Shibuya and Yuji Takagi, Japan

Session 2: Color & Illumination

Separating Diffuse and Specular Reflection Components Based-on Surface Color Ratio and Chromaticity 14
Robby T. Tan, Ko Nishino and Katsushi Ikeuchi, Japan
Analysis of Human Skin Color Images for a Large Set of Color Spaces and for Different Camera Systems 20
Jean-Christophe Terrillon, Arnaud Pilpré, Yoshinori Niwa and Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Japan
Determining Shapes of Transparent Objects from Two Polarization Images 26
Daisuke Miyazaki, Masataka Kagesawa and Katsushi Ikeuchi, Japan
Calibration of Real Scenes for the Reconstruction of Dynamic Light Fields 32
Ingo Scholz, Joachim Denzler and Heinrich Niemann, Germany
Natural Image Correction by Iterative Linear Projection onto Eigenspaces 36
Fumihiko Sakaue and Takeshi Shakunaga, Japan

Session 3: Poster Session 1

Nonlinear Refinement of Camera Parameters Using an Endoscopic Surgery Robot 40
Jochen Schmidt, Florian Vogt and Heinrich Niemann, Germany
A Detection Method of a White Road Line Using Jensen-Shannon Divergence and Morphology 44
Naoki Tanaka, Japan
Skin-Color-Based Image Segmentation and Its Application in Face Detection 48
Quan Huynh-Thu, Mitsuhiko Meguro and Masahide Kaneko, Japan
An Automatic Recording System of the Plays and Moves of SHOGI Games Using Image Processing Technique 52
Ryouji Minehara, Tomoki Matsumoto, Tsuyoshi Shinogi, Tomohiro Yoshikawa and Shinji Tsuruoka, Japan
Non-contact Virtual Clay Modeling Interface Using Multi-viewpoint Images 56
Etsuko Ueda, Hirotaka Kodama, Yoshio Matsumoto and Tsukasa Ogasawara, Japan
Robust Tracking Algorithm Based on Color and Edge Distribution for Real-time Video Based Motion Capture Systems 60
Yoshiaki Akazawa, Yoshihiro Okada and Koich Niijima, Japan
Run Representation Based Minutiae Extraction in Fingerprint Image 64
Hui-Yeoun Hwang, Jung-Hwan Shin, Sung-Il Chien and Joon-Jae Lee, Korea
Constituting Feasible Folding Operation Using Incomplete Crease Information 68
Hiroshi Shimanuki, Jien Kato and Toyohide Watanabe, Japan
Simultaneous Estimation of Head Pose and Shape by Hierarchical Control System 72
Junji Satake and Takeshi Shakunaga, Japan
Adaptive Background Estimation for Object Tracking 76
Ryunosuke Itoh, Yoshio Iwai and Masahiko Yachida, Japan
Removal of Adherent Waterdrops in Images by Using Multiple Cameras 80
Masayuki Kuramoto, Atsushi Yamashita, Toru Kaneko and Kenjiro T.Miura, Japan
A Functionally-Distributed Hand Tracking Method for Wearable Visual Interfaces and Its Applications 84
Takeshi Kurata, Takekazu Kato, Masakatsu Kourogi, Jung Keechul and Ken Endo, Japan
Enhancing Character Recognition by Optimizing Focal Length 90
Takahiko Shimmura, Yoshinao Shiraki, Naoki Mukawa, Minako Sawaki and Norihiro Hagita, Japan
HySIM: A Hybrid-space Image Matching Method for a High Speed Location-Based Video Retrieval on a Wearable Computer 94
Tatsuyuki Kawamura, Norimichi Ukita, Yasuyuki Kono and Masatsugu Kidode, Japan
Wearable Virtual Tablet: Fingertip Drawing Interface Using an Active-Infrared Camera 98
Norimichi Ukita, Akihiro Terabe, Yasuyuki Kono and Masatsugu Kidode, Japan
Tracking Soccer Player Using Multiple Views 102
Sachiko Iwase, and Hideo Saito, Japan
A System for Locating License-plate Area from Images Taken under Complex Conditions 106
Sunghoon Kim, Changsub Park and Gyeonghwan Kim, Korea
Identifying Body Parts of Multiple People in Multi-Camera Images 110
Masafumi Tominaga, Hitoshi Hongo, Hiroyasu Koshimizu, Yoshinori Niwa and Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Japan
An XML General Framework for Image Annotation, Storing and Retrieval 116
Maria G Albanesi, Emanuele Benzi and Marco Ferretti, Italy
Hierarchical Combination of Face/Non-face Classifiers Based on Gabor Wavelet and Support Vector Machines 120
Young Hoon Sung, Tae-Kyun Kim and Seok Cheol Kee, Korea
Fingerprint Identification Using the Accidental Coincidence Probability 124
Akira Monden and Seiji Yoshimoto, Japan
Detection of Foreign Bodies in Food by Thermal Imagery 128
Giaime Ginesu, Daniele D. Giusto, Volker Märgner and Peter Meinlschmit, Italy
Robustness of Gabor Feature Parameter Selection 132
J.-K. Kamarainen, V. Kyrki, and H. Käviäinen,, Finland
An Optimal Low Cost Solution for the 3D Free Form Object Recovering Pose Problem 136
Fakhreddine Ababsa, David Roussel and Malik Mallem, France
Robust Object Recognition Based on Regular Framing and Depth Aspect Image 140
Tomoyuki Takeguchi and Shun'ichi Kaneko, Japan
Plane-Based Camera Calibration: The Case of Pure Translation 146
Henrik Malm and Anders Heyden, Sweden
Registration of Range Image Using Texture of High-Resolution Color Images 150
Kazushi Yoshida and Hideo Saito, Japan
Detecting Moving Objects with an Omnidirectional Camera and Subtraction Whose Background Image is Renewed 154
Kazumasa Yamazawa and Naokazu Yokoya, Japan
Pedestrian Tracking Using Single-row Laser Range Scanners 158
Huijing Zhao, Ryousuke Shibasaki and Nobuaki Ishihara, Japan
Recovering and Analyzing Wide Range Human Motions Based on Mobile Cameras 162
Tomonori Tabusa, Joo Kooi Tan and Seiji Ishikawa, Japan
Shape from Silhouette and Neural Network Based Optimization 164
Haruki Kawanaka, Yuji Iwahori and Akira Iwata, Japan
A Novel Feature Point Detection Algorithm Based on Strips 168
Jingying Chen and Maylor K, M. Leung, Singapore
Recognition of 3-D Free-form Objects Using Distance-supported Shape Index 172
Dong-O Kim, Sang Wook Lee and Rae-Hong Park, Korea
Variational Specular Separation Using Color and Polarization 176
Dae-Woong Kim, Stephen Lin, Ki-Sang Hong and Heung-Yeung Shum, Korea
Tinting Component Extraction from Gray-scale Image for Color Estimation 180
Shinya Koizumi and Takahiko Horiuchi, Japan
Texture Analysis of Radiograph in the Assessment of Osteoporosis 184
Tati Rajab Mengko and J.Tjandra Pramudito, Indonesia
Fast Landmark Defection System Based on the Multi-resolution Image Matching Scheme for Home Robot Navigation 188
Atsushi Shiraishi and Naoyuki Sawasaki, Japan

Session 4: Invited Talk 1

Computer Vision for Wearable Computing 192
Bernt Schiele, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Session 5: HCI

Tracking Eyes Using Shape and Appearance 201
Dan Witzner Hansen, Mads Nielsen, John Paulin Hansen, Anders Sewerin Johansen and Mikkel B. Stegman, Denmark
A Remote Motion Capture System Based on Mobile Cameras 205
Joo Kooi Tan, Kouhei Tou and Seiji Ishikawa, Japan
Detecting Scenes of Attention from Personal View Records -Motion Estimation Improvements and Cooperative Use of a Surveillance camera 209
Satoshi Kubota, Yuichi Nakamura and Yuichi Ohta, Japan
Pedestrian Navigation Based on 3D Map and Mobile Interaction 214
Hideaki Maehara, Koji Wakimoto, Satoshi Tanaka, Sumio Usui and Kazuo Kamata, Japan
Development of an Immersive Teleoperating System for Unmanned Helicopter 220
Masanao Koeda, Yoshio Matsumoto and Tsukasa Ogasawara, Japan

Session 6: Human

Human Spine Posture Estimation from 2D Frontal and Lateral Views Using 3D Physically Precise Spine Model 224
Daisuke Furukawa, Kensaku Mori and Yasuhito Suenaga, Japan
Invariant Gabor Features for Face Evidence Extraction 228
J.-K. Kamarainen, V. Kyrki, H. Kälviäinen, M. Hamouz, and J. Kittler, Finland
Precise Pupil Contour Detection Based on Minimizing the Energy of Pattern and Edge 232
Mayumi Yuasa, Osamu Yamaguchi and Kazuhiro Fukui, Japan
Adaptive Background Estimation and Shadow Removal in Indoor Scenes 236
Junya Morita, Yoshio Iwai and Masahiko Yachida, Japan

Session 7: Medical

Automated Calculation of Retinal Arteriovenous Ratio for Detection and Monitoring of Cerebrovascular Disease Based on Assessment of Morphological Changes of Retinal Vascular System 240
Radim Chrástek, Matthias Wolf, Klaus Donath, Heinrich Niemann and Georg Michelson, Germany
Retinal Blood Vessel Extraction by Using Multi-resolution Matched Filtering and Directional Region Growing Segmentation 244
Mitsutoshi Himaga, David Usher and James F. Boyce, Japan
Contour Extraction in Medical Images Using B-Snake Model 248
Yue Wang and Earn Khwang Teoh, Singapore
Automatic Feature Extraction from non-uniform Finger Vein Image and its Application to Personal Identification 253
Naoto Miura, Akio Nagasaka and Takafumi Miyatake, Japan

Session 8: Poster Session 2

Development of the Vision System for the HRP-2P Humanoid Robot 257
Yoshihiro Kawai, Yutaro Fukase, Yutaka Ishiyama, Ryohei Ikeno and Fumiaki Tomita, Japan
A Camera Revolver for Improved Image Stitching 261
Kei Utsugi and Toshio Moriya, Japan
Application to the Traffic Occlusion with Multiple Views 265
Tameharu Hasegawa and Heitoh Zen, Japan
Improvement of Generalization Ability of Kernel-Based Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Recognition of Japanese Sign Language Hand Pastures, "Yubi-Moji", Using K-means Method 269
Katsuya Yasumoto, Jun-ya Mizuno and Takio Kurita, Japan
Detecting Faces in Color Images Using an Adaptive Color Model and Salient Features 273
Hang-Bong Kang, Korea
Entire Building Shape Recovery from Near Distance Images 277
Tsuyoshi Migita, Akira Amano and Naoki Asada, Japan
Peg-Free Hand Geometry Recognition Using Hierarchical Geomrtry and Shape Matching 281
Alexandra L.N. Wong and Pengcheng Shi, Hong Kong
3D Input Interface via Hand Motion Using Stereo Camera System for Wearable PC Environment 285
Eisaku Hori and Hideo Saito, Japan
Dynamic Multi-Cue Information Fusion for Robust Detection of Traffic Infrastructure 289
Lucas Paletta and Gerhard Paar, Austria
Image Based Word Retrieval Method for Unrestricted Textline Direction Documents 294
Takakazu Noge and Takahiko Horiuchi, Japan
Extraction of Character String Areas from Color Scenery Image Using Extended Psychological Potential Field 298
Masanori Anegawa and Akira Nakamura, Japan
Extraction of Face Regions and Eye Windows from a Set of Gray-scale Images with Different Face Orientations 302
Shigeya Sasane and Hideo Ogawa, Japan
Two-handed Gesture Tracking in the Case of Occlusion of Hands 306
Takanao Inaguma, Hitoshi Saji and Hiromasa Nakatani, Japan
Automatic Useful Shot Extraction for a Video Editing Support System 310
Masahito Kumano and Yasuo Ariki, Japan
Face Detection Using Scan-Line Based Hough Transform and MLP 314
Nam-Kie Kim, Il Choi and Sung-Il Chien, Korea
Extraction of Non Manual Features for Videobased Sign Language Recognition 318
Ulrich Canzler and Thomas Dziurzyk, Germany
Decomposed Eigenface Method along with Image Correction for Robust Face Recognition 322
Kazuma Shigenari, Fumihiko Sakaue and Takeshi Shakunaga, Japan
Extraction of Moving Objects from Video Sequence Using Estimated Background Brightness 326
Tomiyasu Ishikawa, Shinji Fukui, Yuji Iwahori and Hidenori Itoh, Japan
Advanced Image Retrieval Using Multi-resolution Image Content 330
Motohide Yoshimura, Hajime Kiyose and Shigeo Abe, Japan
Probabilistic Model-Based Object Recognition Using Local Zernike Moments 334
Sung-Ho Kim, In-So Kweon and In-Cheol Kim, Korea
A Basic Consideration on Estimation of Robot Positions by Observing Unknown Environment 338
Keiji Gyohten, Koji Nagamura, Tsuyoshi Yoshikawa, Kazuhiko Sakamoto, Yoshiyuki Soma, Takashi Shimazaki and Tsuneo Kagawa, Japan
Pose Estimation of Polygonal Object in Monocular Vision using Parametric Equations of Vertices 342
Mohamed Bénallal and Jean Meunier, France
Joint Distribution of Local Image Features for Appearance Modeling 346
David Guillamet and Baback Moghaddam, USA
A Knowledge-Based Registration System Using Radio-Frequency Identification 350
Mustapha Boukraa and Shigeru Ando, Japan
A Method for Reconstructing Structure from Omnidirectional View Sequence without Feature Matching 354
Daniel Moldovan, Takahiro Miyashita and Hiroshi Ishiguro, Japan
Character Recognition of Thick Books Using a Stereo Vision System 358
Atsushi Kawarago, Atsushi Yamashita, Torn Kaneko and Kenjiro T.Miura, Japan
Integration of Multi-view Panoramic Range Data Using Global Features 362
Hidekazu Hirayu, Caihua Wang, Hideki Tanahashi, Yoshinori Niwa and Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Japan
Global Motion Estimation Based on the Constrained Spatio-temporal Gradient Method in Model-Based Coding 368
YoungWook Sohn, Doo-Hyun Kim, Dong-O Kim and Rae-Hong Park, Korea
A High-Quality Stereo Algorithm by Integrating Mask SEA and SEA-with-EVL 372
Takashi Noguchi and Yuichi Ohta, Japan
Precise and Reliable Image Shift Detection by a New Phase Difference Analysis Method 376
Isamu Kouzuki. Masaaki Fujiyama, Tomonori Kaneko and Minoru Ito, Japan
Auto-Surface Reconstruction with Alpha Shape 380
Xiaolong Xu and Koichi Harada, Japan
1kHz Smart Camera with Image Processing Feature 384
Munenori Takumi, Haruyoshi Toyoda, Naohisa Mukozaka and Seiichiro Mizuno, Japan
High Performance 3D Sensors for the Characterization of Road Surface Defects 388
John Laurent and Jean-Francois Hébert, Canada
Observation of Pedestrians with Multiple Views 392
Tokuyuki Mahara, Tameharu Hasegawa and Heitoh Zen, Japan

Session 9: Invited Talk 2

Virtual Human Body in Medicine- Modeling, Navigation and Fusion with Real Body 396
Junichiro Toriwaki, Nagoya University, Japan

Session 10: Motion & Image Sequence

3-Dimensional Tracking of Multiple Object Motions from Multi-view Images by Mixed-state CONDENSATION Algorithm 408
Koichiro Deguchi, Koji Hamasaki, Taira Nakajima and Takayuki Okatani, Japan
Automatic Camera Model Selection for Multibody Motion Segmentation 412
Yasuyuki Sugaya and Kenichi Kanatani, Japan
Compression Performances of Computer Vision Based Coding 416
Franck Galpin, Luce Morin and Koichiro Deguchi, Japan
Super-Resolved Image Synthesis from Uncalibrated Camera with Unknown Motion 420
Shinichiro Sei and Hideo Saito, Japan
Mosaics of Japanese Picture Scrolls 424
Naoki Chiba and Hiroshi Kano, Japan

Session 11: Pattern & Object Recognition

A Multi-class Pattern Recognition Method by Combined Use of Multinomial Logit Model and K-Nearest Neighbor Rule 430
Osamu Hasegawa and Takio Kurita, Japan
Generic Hierarchic Object Models and Classification Based on Probabilistic PCA 435
Christpher Drexler, Frank Mattem and Joachim Denzler, Germany
A Study on Sea Surveillance System with Flapping Reference Image 439
Kazuya Takahashi, Miyuki Fujii, Toshimichi Okada, Naoyuki Shimbo and Wataru Ito, Japan

Session 12: Background

Improved Adaptive Mixture Learning for Robust Video Background Modeling 443
Dar-Shyang Lee, USA
Realtime Estimation of Illumination Images Using Illumination Eigenspace 447
Yasuyuki Matsushita, Ko Nishino, Katsushi Ikeuchi and Masao Sakauchi, Japan
Adaptive Background Estimation 451
Mickael Pic, Luc Berthouze and Takio Kurita, Japan
Region Extraction with Chromakey Using Striped Backgrounds 455
Atsushi Yamashita, Toru Kaneko, Shinya Matsushita and Kenjiro T.Miura, Japan
Reconstruction of Outdoor Sculptures from Silhouettes under Approximate Circular Motion of an Uncalibrated Hand-Held Camera 459
Kwan-Yee Kenneth Wong and Roberto Cipolla, Hong Kong

Session 13: Poster Session 3

Can Seam Diagnosis from Still Image Processing 463
Perfecto Mariño, Cesar A. Sigüenza, Vicente Pastoriza, Miguel Santamaría, Emilio Martínez and Fernando Machado, Spain
Reliable Detection of Obstacles on Staircases 467
Reinhold Huber, Christoph Nowak, Bemhard Spatzek and David Schreiber, Austria
Extraction of Road Traffic Information from the Time Sequence of Aerial Images 471
Motoi Soga and Hitoshi Saji, Japan
Locating Vehicles in a Parking Lot by Image Processing 475
Chihping Hsu, Toshimitsu Tanaka, Noboru Sugie and Kouzi Ueda, Japan
A Method of Writer Verification without Keyword Registration Using Feature Sequences extraction from On-line Handwrittern Sentences 479
Hiroshi Kameya, Shunji Mori and Ryuichi Oka, Japan
A Proposal of Facial Expression Analysis Using a Face Plane 484
Hideyuki Negishi, Hiroyuki Hase, Masaaki Yoneda and Jien Kato, Japan
A Set of Mesh Features for Automatic Visual Speech Recognition 488
Hyun-Hwa Oh, Young-Mi Jeoun and Sung-Il Chien, Korea
Pose Detection of 3D Object by Genetic Algorithm 492
Kimiya Aoki, Toyohisa Kaneko, Japan
A Watermarking Scheme to Multimedia Contents Using Simple-scrambler and Band Division 496
Munetoshi Iwakiri, Shinji Ozawa and Kineo Matsui, Japan
A Human Face Image Searching System Using Sketch 500
C H Man and Pong C Yuen, Hong Kong
Quantitative Evaluation of Damaged Areas of a Big Earthquake Detected by Image Processing and GIS Information 504
Kensuke Shiraki, Masato Ishii, Takahiro Sugiyama and Keiichi Abe, Japan
Improvement of 3D Caricature by Using Gray Scale Image in Combination with Range Image 508
Takayuki Fujiwara and Hiroyasu Koshimizu, Japan
Robust Object Detection and Segmentation Based on Radial Reach Correlation 512
Yutaka Satoh, Hideki Tanahashi, Shunichi Kaneko, Yoshinori Niwa and Kazuhiko Yamamoto, Japan
Image Rating System for Filtering Web Pages with Inappropriate Contents 518
Yoshinori Musha, Atsushi Hiroike, Yasutsugu Morimoto and Jyunichi Matsuda, Japan
A Location Awareness System Using Wide-angle Camera and Active IR-Tag 522
Muneyuki Sakata, Yoshihiro Yasumuro, Masataka Imura, Yoshitsugu Manabe and Kunihiro Chihara, Japan
Facial Parts Recognition by Hierarchical Tracking from Motion Image and Its Application 526
Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi, Takuma Funahashi, Masafumi Tominaga and Hiroyasu Koshimizu, Japan
Towards Automatic Painting Authentication 530
Guilherrne N.Teixeira, Raul Q. Feitosa and Sidnei Pacionik, Brazil
Road Observation System in Residential Areas for Supporting Pedestrian 534
Kentaro Kayama, Ikuko Eguchi Yairi, Seiji Igi and Hiroshi Yoshimizu, Japan
Centimetric Localisation of a Vehicle by Combining Vision and Low Cost GPS 538
Frederic Chausse, Vincent Voisin, Jean Laneurit and Roland Chapuis, France
A Study on Correction Functions for On-Line Handwriting Entry of Mathematical Formulas 542
Naoya Yamada, Kenichi Toyozumi, Kensaku Mori and Yasuhito Suenaga, Japan
Detection of Partially Occluded Face Using Support Vector Machines 546
Sang Min Yoon and Seok Cheol Kee, Korea
Interest Points Detection in Color Images 550
Benoit Telle and Marie Jose Aldon, France
Spectral Measurement of Ambient Lighting and Its Application to Image Rendering 554
Shoji Tominaga and Norihiro Tanaka, Japan
A Cooperative Method of SFM and Stereo for Motion and Depth Extraction 558
Jae-Hean Kim and Myung Jin Chung, Korea
Region-Based Image Interpretation and Recall 562
Hui-Yu Huang, Yung-Sheng Chen and Wen-Hsing Hsu, R.O.C
Estimating Light Position and Surface Reflectance from Specular Reflection under Perspective Projection 566
Kenji Hara, Ko Nishino, Atsushi Nakazawa and Katsushi Ikeuchi, Japan
Abrupt Shot Boundary Detection from Video Sequence Using Motion Direction Histogram Feature 572
Ken-ichirou Suzuki, Masaomi Nakajima, Hitoshi Sakano, Yasuo Sambe and Sakuichi Ohtsuka, Japan
The Scalable Model-Based Hand Posture Analysis System 576
Cheng-Chang Lien, R.O.C
A Model for Calculating Saliency from Both Input Image and Memory 580
Toshio Endoh, Makoto Goto and Takashi Toriu, Japan
On the 3-D Reconstruction of Seabed Using Multiple Sidescan Sonar Images 584
Yuefeng Lu and Masaki Oshima, Japan
Location Extraction and Discrimination of Similar Texture Using Gabor Filter for Donut Recognition 588
Heng Cher Keng, Hidenobu Iida and Michio Miwa, Japan
Contour Junction Extraction 592
Marielle Mokhtari and Robert Bergevin, Canada
Cylindrical Panorama Using the Tilt of a Camera 596
Takashi Iida and Naoki Chiba, Japan
Image Inclination Measurement Based on Edge Directions and an Analysis of Relation between Visual Inclination 600
Hidekazu Ohmi and Fumihiko Saitoh, Japan
FPGA Implementation of a Sub-pixel Correction Algorithm for Active Laser Range Finders 604
Hakim Khali and Yvon Savaria, UAE
Content-Based Image Retrieval and Completion in DSP 607
Xia Dingyuan, Xiang Zhengquan, Zhou Manli, Zhou Wenzhao and Xu Yiping, P.R.China
A Real-Time Computer Vision System for Tracking of Underwater Benthic Larvas 610
Sylvain Comtois, Denis Laurendeau and Edwin Bourget, Canada

Session 14: Invited Talk 3

Current Machine Vision Research at the NLPR 613
Tieniu Tan, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Session 15: ITS

A Novel Background Initialization Method in Visual Surveillance 614
Alessandro Bevilacqua, Italy
A Vision System that Recognizes Objects on General Streets 618
Osamu Hasegawa and Takeo Kanade, Japan
Robust and Fast Stereovision Based Road Obstacles Detection for Driving Safety Assistance 624
Raphael Labayrade and Didier Aubert, France
Robust Vehicle Detection under Poor Environmental Conditions for Rear and Side Surveillance 628
Osafumi Nakayama, Morito Shiohara, Shigeru Sasaki, Norio Hashiguchi and Tomonobu Takashima, Japan
A 51.2GOPS Programmable Video Recognition Processor for Vision Based Intelligent Cruise Control Applications 632
Shorin Kyo, Japan
Extraction of 3D Primitives from Stereopairs of Satellite Images for Automatic Reconstruction of Buildings 636
Nesrine Chehata, Marc Pierrot-Desseilligny, Franck Jung and Georges Stamon, France

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