Young Researchers Meeting (May 29)

Thank you for having an interest in the Young Researchers Meeting at the MVA’19. Please
read the following information and feel free to contact the technical event chairs if you have any question.

What’s this event?

State-of-the-art technology companies are craving talented and highly motivated researchers, while it can be difficult for such researchers to find companies in which they can play truly active part. In response to earnest requests from the both sides, we have held an event to match them in a conference. Researcher participants will meet with company recruiters in small groups during complimentary lunch sessions. Compact group discussion could lead to effective self-promotion and opportunities for jobs, internships, and special tech-related events such as a hackathon. Do not miss this great opportunity to build close relationships with worldwide industrial society.

List of companies (TBA)

CyberAgent, Inc. / Honda Motor Co., Ltd. / Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. / Morpho, Inc. / Panasonic Corporation / Cookpad, Inc.

Some photos from MVA2017

MVA: Machine Vision Applications 2017/6/14
MVA: Machine Vision Applications 2017/6/14


  • You can join this event through the registration site.
  • Participants must register to the MVA2019 conference, but are not required to be presenters.
  • First 50 (tentative) applicants will be accepted.
  • Registration is free of charge.

Instructions to Participants

Name Tag (Due on April 26th)

We will print a name tag that can be used to introduce you and your research interests. Please fill out the template and email it back to m-kobayashi(at) by April 26th.

Meeting Program

The Young Researchers Meeting will be held at Café Friends on the second floor in Central Building during the complimentary lunch session on May 29th. Please come to Café Friends by 12:10 to check in and pick up the printed name tag. The meeting will have three sessions: 1) in the first session you will be assigned to a small group to interact with some company researchers or recruiters exclusively; 2) in the second session company participants will briefly introduce their companies, research interests and so on; 3) in the third session you can freely interact with all the participants. The event will be closed by 13:10.



  • Participants should prepare materials on their researches.
  • Materials may be printed or electronic data (PPT, PDF, etc.)
  • No display screen will be provided. Participants should bring their own PC or tablet if needed.

Name Tag

  • The organizer will prepare name tags showing participants’ name, affiliation, research topics, and any extra information.
  • Participants will be asked to submit the required information by filling a format at the link above.


Please contact the technical event chairs, if you have any questions about this event.


This program is co-sponsored by the JST CREST Math Model/Random Field Project.