Call for Papers

Main Topic: Machine Vision and its Applications


Vision Sensors, Sensors for 3D / Motion, Shape from X, Optical Phenomenon Sensing, Color / Multiband, Invisible Wavelength Imaging, Registration / Alignment, Calibration


Feature Extraction, Shape / Motion / Deformation Analysis, Change and Background, Tracking, Color / Multiband Analysis, Segmentation, Pattern Recognition, Object Recognition, Statistical Image Processing, Large-Scale Data Analysis, Image Processing System Architecture


Factory Automation and Robotics

Visual Inspection, Diagnosis, Assembly, Mobile Robot, Digital Fabrication, Service Robot, Rescue Robot

Intelligent Transport Systems

Traffic Monitoring, Autonomous Vehicles, Driving Safety Assistance


Security Monitoring, Camera Network, Remote Sensing, Underwater

Human Computer Interaction

Face / Gesture / Behavior / Gait, Gaze Analysis, Biometrics, Wearable Computing, First Person Vision


Tomography, Endoscopy, Computer-Aided Diagnosis, Computer Assisted Surgery, Computational Anatomy, Bioinformatics, Nursing Care


Database Archiving and Retrieval, Document, Culture and Heritage, VR / MR / AR, Entertainment


Agriculture / Forestry / Fishery, Civil / Construction Engineering, Commerce, Sports, Fashion, Home, Science

Registration Policy

At least one of the authors of an accepted paper is required to register for the conference and must present the paper at the conference.


Presented papers will be considered for Best Paper Award, Best Practical Paper Award, and Best Poster Award. Previous award winning papers are available.


Selected papers will be published IPSJ Transactions on Computer Vison and Applications (CVA), a peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen, on May 2019.

After the conference also, we plan to publish the special section on an international journal. Authors are encouraged to submit their papers to this special section.