Winners of the Small Object Detection Challenge for Spotting Birds 2023

The Small Object Detection Challenge for Spotting Birds 2023 had 223 participants and 1045 submissions to CodaLab. The following are the winners who performed remarkably among them.
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Research Category

Best Solution Award (1st)

Elsa Lab Team (Team1)

"Ensemble Fusion for Small Object Detection"
Hao-Yu Hou1, Mu-Yi Shen1, Chia-Chi Hsu1, En-Ming Huang1, Yu-Chen Huang1, Yu-Cheng Xia1, Chien-Yao Wang2, Chun-Yi Lee1
1Department of Computer Science, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan.
2Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan.

Runner-Up Solution Award (2nd)

Happy Day

"Small Object Detection for Birds with Swin Transformer"
Da Huo1, Marc A. Kastner2, Tingwei Liu1, Yasutomo Kawanishi3, 1, Takatsugu Hirayama4, 1, Takahiro Komamizu1, Ichiro Ide1
1Nagoya University, Japan.
2Kyoto University, Japan.
3GRP, RIKEN, Japan.
4University of Human Environments, Japan

Honorable Mention Solution Award (3rd)

Yosuke Shinya

"BandRe: Rethinking Band-Pass Filters for Scale-Wise Object Detection Evaluation"
Yosuke Shinya1
1Independent researcher, Japan.

4th place in Research category

DL Team

"Method to Achieve High Performance for Small Object Detection"
Xinyao Liu1, Guang Liang1
1Xi’an Jiaotong University, China.

5th place in Research category

Syusuke Yasui

"More easy framework of small object detection"
Syusuke Yasui1
1Space Shift Inc., Japan.

Development Category

Winner Award (1st)

Kosuke Shigematsu

"Enhanced YOLOv7 for Small Object Detection: Increasing Resolution, Test-time Augmentation and Weighted Boxes Fusion"
Kosuke Shigematsu1
1National Institute of Technology, Oita College, Japan.

2nd place in Development category

Ramdhan Ari Wibawa1
1University of Southern California, US.

3rd place in Development category

Kazuki Takasan1
1Shiga University, Japan.

4th place in Development category

Jinlai Ning1
1King's College London, UK.

5th place in Development category

Wu Xinyi1
1China Merchants Bank AI Lab, China.

Special Award

Best Booster Award

Akiyuki Ishikawa1
1Independent researcher, Japan.

Best Booster Award

Mauricio Fernandez Monroy1
1Central South University, China.

Best Booster Award

Da Huo1
1Nagoya University, Japan.