Guide for Participants

For presenters, please read Presentation Guide as well.

Oral Session

Oral sessions will be held via Zoom. Details on how to access Zoom sessions will be announced later.

Please change your name to "Your Name (Registration ID)" (e.g. John Smith (9999)).

Poster Session

The poster session will be held using the oVice system. Details on how to access MVA space in oVice will be announced later.

About oVice

oVice is a two-dimensional virtual space where participants (presenters and attendees) can move around freely. The following is an overview of oVice and its usage.

oVice User's Guide

Notes for participants

  • Chrome web browser is recommended for using oVice.
  • Please allow microphone and webcam permission to the browser. Please refer to the manual in detail.
  • Please set your display name as follows. The display name is limited to 30 characters. Use the profile field for your affiliation.Name (registration ID) (e.g. John Smith (0123))
  • You can talk with presenters or other participants using the microphone by approaching the target icon in the free space or the poster session booths for Q&A. But, please turn off the microphone during unnecessary times (e.g., when you are moving or listening).
  • If the presenter has set a Youtube or an iframe object in the booth, you can show them at any time. However, these objects are for presentations, so participants should not edit them.
  • The chat function will be used by the staff for announcements, etc., so participants are requested to refrain from using it.
  • The megaphone function will be restricted for smooth operation.


For rehearsal, you can join oVice from 0:00 to 24:00 (JST) on July 21. Please check the operation method. After the above period, you will not be able to participate in oVice until the first day of the conference.