Paper Submission (closed)

Important Notes

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Conflict Responsibilities

The primary author’s responsibility is to ensure that all authors on their paper have registered their institutional conflicts into CMT. For each author, please enter the domain of his/her current institution (example:; Please enter ONLY ONE institution, except when the author was in more than one institution in the last 12 months (April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021). DO NOT enter the domain of email providers such as This institutional conflict information will be used in conjunction with prior authorship conflict information to resolve assignments to both reviewers and area chairs. If a paper is found to have an undeclared or incorrect institutional conflict, it may be summarily rejected.

Formatting Instructions

The page limit is 4 pages, excluding references. Papers should be printable on A4 paper. Your paper for reviewing must be anonymous by eliminating any information (e.g., your name, affiliation, address, etc.) that could identify you. Authors can leave citations to their previous work unanonymized, but they should cite their own work in the third person (e.g., "[17] found that…"). All manuscripts must be in English.

Other specifications (margins, fonts, etc.) should be set so that the appearance is as close as possible to the sample. You are encouraged to refer to the sample downloadable here (MS-WORD, LaTeX, PDF) for producing the PDF version of your paper for submission. The sample itself explains how to prepare your paper in the MVA paper form. You are kindly requested to submit the PDF paper after making sure that a) the length of the PDF paper remains within the page limit, b) the PDF file size is 20 MB or less, and c) the file can be read and printed by Adobe Reader.

Supplemental Materials

Supplementary material (images, video, etc.) may optionally be submitted with papers, but be sure to maintain anonymity, including the file properties or other hidden text. The supplemental materials have a file size limit of 50 MB. The supplemental materials will not be part of the conference proceedings, so they will only aid the reviewing process and award selection process. Reviewers are not required to view the supplemental material (though most reviewers are likely to do so), so any information critical to understanding the work should be in the main paper.

Note that all of the additional materials must be submitted as one zipped file.

IAPR Ethical Requirements for Authors

The IAPR requires that all authors wishing to present a paper declare that the paper is substantially original; that is, the manuscript as a whole, or for the most part, is novel, has not been published in (or even submitted to) any journals and has not been presented at any other conferences. If previous versions of the manuscript were published or presented, appropriate references must be given and substantial justification for presentation of the current version must be presented.

The IAPR strictly prohibits any plagiarism; that is, the work of others must not be "borrowed" and presented as the authors' own work, regardless of the size of the borrowed portion.

The IAPR frowns upon "no-show behavior" at IAPR-related conferences and workshops, meaning that an author registers to make a presentation but does not show up for it. If such behavior is unavoidable due to urgent and unexpected personal matters, the author is strongly urged to notify the event organizer of the situation as soon as possible. If prior notification is impossible, the organizer should be advised after the fact of the reason for the author's absence.

The IAPR retains the rights to eliminate any papers in violation of these Requirements and to take appropriate action against individuals repeatedly violating these Requirements and assumes no responsibility for any resulting loss of reputation or opportunity of such individuals or for any inconvenience related to the future work of such individuals.

MVA reserves the right to exclude a paper from any distributions after the conference (e.g., removal from the electronic archive of past MVA proceedings) if the paper is not presented at the conference.


Please contact program chairs if you have any questions about the paper submission.