The Most Influential Paper over the Decade Award has been given, in every MVA conference since MVA1998, to the papers that were presented at the MVA conference 10 years earlier and have been keeping the most significant influence on the progress of machine vision technology over the subsequent decade. In addition to this distinguishing award, the following three awards are newly established to honor the authors of excellent papers to be presented at the MVA2011. These are Best Paper Award, Best Application Paper Award and Best Poster Award. We plan to continue giving these awards at every MVA in the future.

Most Influential Paper over the Decade Award
This award is given to the papers that exhibited the most significant influence on the progress of machine vision technology for many years, and the papers will be selected from those presented at the MVA conference ten years earlier (i.e. MVA 2000) .

"Optimized Camera Viewpoint Determination System for Soccer Game Broadcasting," Keisuke Matsumoto, Satoshi Sudo, Hideo Saito, and Shinji Ozawa

"Dense Disparity Map Estimation Respecting Image Discontinuities: A PDE and Scale-Space Based Approac," Luis Alvarez, Rachid Deriche, Javier Sánchez, and Joachim Weickert

"Radial Distortion Snakes," Sing Bing Kang

Best Paper Award
This award is given to the best paper presented at MVA2011 which makes an exceptional contribution to the research field of machine vision.
Best Paper Award

"Homogenous Superpixels from Random Walks,"Frank Perbet and Atsuto Maki

Best Application paper Award
This award is given to the best paper presented at MVA2011 with significant potential for viable machine vision applications.
Best Application paper Award
Best Application paper Award

"Fast and Structure-preserving Inpainting Based on Probabilistic Structure Estimation," Takashi Shibata, Akihiko Iketani, and Shuji Senda

"A Head-Wearable Short-Baseline Stereo System for the Simultaneous Estimation of Structure and Motion," Hernan Badino and Takeo Kanade


Best Poster Award
This award is given to the best poster paper presented at MVA2011 with the highest quality, readability and clarity.
Best Poster Award

"Fast Combined Separability Filter for Detecting Circular Objects," Yasuhiro Ohkawa, Chendra Hadi Suryanto, and Kazuhiro Fukui

Most Influential Paper over the Decade Award in the past MVAs
Year(presented) Authors Title

2009 (1998) Huijing Zhao and Ryosuke Shibasaki Reconstruction Textured Urban 3D Model by Fusing Ground-Based Laser Range Image and CCD Image

2009 (1998) Kenichi Kanatani Optimal Homography Computation with a Reliability Measure

2009 (1998) Seok Cheol Kee, Kyoung Mu Lee and Sang Uk Lee Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Using Photometric Stereo

2009 (1998) Yukio Ogawa, Kazuaki Iwamura, and Shigeru Kakumoto A Map-Based Approach to Extracting Object Information from Aerial Images

2009 (1998) Naoki Chiba, Hiroshi Kano, Minoru Higashihara, Masashi Yasuda, and Masato Osumi Feature-based Image Mosaicing

2007 (1996) Vinod Vasudevan and Hirhoshi Murase Visual Tracking Using Active Search for Color

2007 (1996) Keith J. Hanna, Robert Mandelbaum, Deepam Mishra, Vince Paragano, and Lambert E. Wixson A System for Non-Intrusive Human Iris Acquisition and Identification

2007 (1996) Gérard Medioni Using Computer Vision in Real Applications: Two Success Stories

2005 (1994) Shigeru Ando An Autonomous Three-Dimensional Vision Sensor with Ears

2005 (1994) Atsuto Maki, Tomas Uhlin and Jan-Olof Eklundh Disparity Selection in Binocular Pursuit

2005 (1994) Akio Nagasaka, Takafumi Miyatake and Hirotada Ueda Video Retrieval Method Using a Sequence of Representative Images in a Scene

2002 (1992) Yoshihiro Fujita, Nobuyuki Yamashita and Shin'ichiro Okazaki A Real-Time Vision System Using Integrated Memory Array Processor Prototype LSI

2002 (1992) Roberto Cipolla, Yasukazu Okamoto and Yoshinori Kuno Qualitative Visual Interpretation of 3D Hand Gestures Using Motion Parallax

2000 (1990) Y. Suenaga and Y. Watanabe A Method for the Synchronized Acquisition of Cylindrical Range and Color Data

2000 (1990) M. Turk and A. Pentland Face Recognition without Features

1998 (1988) H. Takenaga, Y. Kobayashi, M. Takatoo, Y. Okuyama, S. Miura, T. Fukushima, K. Asada and K. Fujiwara Architecture of a High-Performance Image Processing System

1998 (1988) V. Graefe and K-D. Kuhnert A High Speed Image Processing System Utilized in Autonomous Vehicle Guidance

1998 (1988) Y. Matsuyama, H. Iwata, H. Kubota and Y. Nakagawa Precise Visual Inspection Algorithm for LSI Wafer Patterns Using Grayscale Image Comparison

1998 (1988) N. Otsu and T. Kurita A New Scheme for Practical Flexible and Intelligent Vision Systems

1998 (1988) T. Fujita, K. Sato and S. Inokuchi Range Image Processing for Bin-Picking of Curved Object