Paper Submission

Important Notes

Publication on Journals

Publication in SpringerOpen

Papers that are evaluated as of especially high quality in the review process will be invited to be published in the IPSJ Transactions on Computer Vision and Applications (IPSJ-CVA). If the authors accept the invitation, the submission version of the paper will be published in IPSJ-CVA with minimum alteration. Note that the paper will not appear in the conference proceedings, while the authors still have to present their paper in the conference in person.

Special section in an open journal

A number of high-quality papers will be recommended to the special section on “Machine Vision and its Applications” of the IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems. The journal will become a full open-access journal in January 2017. The papers are selected for recommendation based on the manuscript as well as the presentation in the conference. The manuscript must be augmented from the one published in the conference proceedings and will be separately reviewed for the journal. Note that papers published in IPSJ-CVA are not eligible for recommendation to this special section.

Formatting Instructions

Page limit is 4 pages including all figures, references, appendices and so on, and papers should be printable on A4 paper. Your paper for reviewing must be anonymous, by eliminating any information (e.g., your name, affiliation, address, etc.) that can possibly identify you. You should make sure not to use the words “my” or “our” when citing your previous work.

Other specifications (margins, fonts, etc.) should be set so that the appearance is as close as possible to the sample. You are encouraged to refer to the samples (MS WORD, LaTeX, PDF), for producing the PDF version of your paper for submission. The sample itself explains how to prepare your paper in the MVA paper form. You are kindly requested to submit the PDF paper after making sure that a) the length of the PDF paper remains within the page limit, b) the PDF file size is 6 megabytes or less, and c) the file can be read and printed by Adobe Reader.

The author’s kit with information about camera-ready manuscript and registration for accepted papers will be placed on this website by January, 2017.

Guide for authors: the sample templates

Online Submission

Follow a detailed instruction for authors .

A) Creating a user profile

  1. Access the MVA2017 online paper submission server ( http://iapr.papercept.net/).
  2. Follow the PIN link to get your own PIN (Personal Identification Number), which is a numerical identification number assigned to you when you set up a profile, by PIN Wizard.
    • Every author needs to create and maintain a current personal profile in the system.
    • The system needs to store the following information on authors:
      • Full name
      • Contact address
      • E-mail. Phone and fax are optional
      • PIN and password
      • Research interests

The information stored on the system is available only to MVA’s conference administrators and is not shared by third parties.

B) Submitting a manuscript

The paper submission server can be accessed through the Submit a contribution to MVA2017 link on http://iapr.papercept.net.

The following information is required for submitting a manuscript:

In addition, authors can also submit the following additional materials:

Note that all of the additional materials must be submitted as one zipped file.

Please follow other instructions on the paper submission server to submit your paper explained in Getting Started Manual: Authors.

IAPR Ethical Requirements for Authors

The IAPR requires that all authors wishing to present a paper declare that:

The IAPR retains the right to eliminate any papers in violation of these requirements and to exclude the authors of such papers from future IAPR community activities.

MVA reserves the right to exclude a paper from any distributions after the conference (e.g., removal from electronic archive of past MVA proceedings) if the paper is not presented at the conference.


Please contact the program chairs, if you have any questions about the paper submission.