Information for Authors

1. To-Dos by March 20

For making presentations at MVA 2015, the authors must complete the following three tasks by March 20, 2015.
i) Submit the camera-ready manuscript to the paper management system
ii) Sign in the Copyright Transfer Form on the paper management system
iii) Make a registration on the registration system

2. Camera-Ready Manuscript

2.1. Format
All manuscripts must be in English. The page size is A4 portrait. Standard length is four pages, and up to two additional pages are allowed with extra payment (10,000 JPY per page) at the time of registration. The paper proceedings are printed in black and white, and their appearance should be checked by printing in grayscale beforehand. The USB and online proceedings can include color figures. The formatting guide is available in: MS-WORD, PDF and LaTeX.
2.2. Submission
Access the online submission system at http://iapr.papercept.net with your PIN (Personal Information Number). The PIN and password are the same ones that authors used for submission. The files to upload are as follows:
A detailed manual of the online submission system for authors in submitting the final manuscript is available in Sec. 4 of http://iapr.papercept.net/conferences/manuals/authorgetstarted.pdf.

3. Copyright Transfer Form

The Copyright Transfer Form is necessary for each papers included in the online/USB/paper proceedings and the MVA Organization archive. Choose 'Transfer copyright' link, and fill the columns as instructed.

4. Registration

At least one author for a paper who makes presentation must complete the registration to ensure that your paper is included in the proceedings. Registration can be made online at https://mice.jtbgmt.com/mva2015, and a presenter must register as 'Speaker'. Extra page charge must be correctly registered. Payment of the fee should be made by credit card or bank Transfer and must be completed by the deadline also. We do not accept personal checks.

The author who registers must give presentation without fail. If he/she fails to appear for the presentation, all the rights covered by the registration will be jeopardized, including the right to receive a copy of the proceedings. The MVA Organization reserves the right to exclude his/her paper from distribution after the conference e.g. from the archive of MVA proceedings and the IEEE Xplore. No proxy, pre-recorded or remote online presentation is allowed.

According to the IAPR's policy, an author having more than one paper accepted, only one registration is required for publication. Other authors are also welcomed to register and participate in the conference. Accommodation, tutorials young researchers meeting and the technical tour can also be booked through this registration web site.

5. Visa

Visa information for entering Japan can be found at http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/, but it is advised to contact the Consular Section of local Embassy or Consulate General of Japan. Please allow enough time for obtaining visa because it can take one to two months. Visa letters will only be issued to presenters, committee members, and attendees who have paid the registration fee in full. If an invitation letter for visa application is needed, please contact .

6. Presentation

Please refer to Presentation Guide for details.
What's new for MVA 2015:

7. Inquiries

Please contact if you have any questions about this document.