Technical Tour & Excursion

Technical Tour


OMRON is one of leading company in factory automation. They have wide variety of product fields such as factory automation sensors (including vision sensors) and controllers, automatic ticket vending machine, automatic ticket gate, health-care products, and general electronic parts, etc. Their business areas have been spread into worldwide nowadays. But almost all of these products are designed in Japan. For the technical tour, OMRON will show some of their sophisticated manufacturing lines.

Daifuku Corp.

Daifuku is one of leading company in material handling. Their business fields are ranging from factory, warehouses, stores and airport, etc. Accordingly their business domains are now factory automation, logistics and retailing, etc. Probably these wide varieties of applications can give you an insight and inspiration for the next research theme.


Castle Hikone

The history of castle Hikone goes back to 1603, A.D. and it is keeping its original shape. In the castle, you can enjoy highly developed defense lines that are typical style in Japanese castle and good landscape from the top of tower of the castle.

Time Schedule

08:50 Meeting place (No.1 exit of Nijojo-mae station in subway to-zai line)
09:40-11:10 OMRON Corp. Kusatsu Factory
12:00-12:40 Lunch at Daifuku Corp.
12:40-14:10 Daifuku Corp. Factory
15:00-17:00 Castle Hikone
18:30 Farewell at Nijo Station (in front of west exit)