IAPR Conference on
Machine Vision Applications

May 20-22, 2009
Hiyoshi Campus
Keio University, JAPAN

The Eleventh IAPR Conference on Machine Vision Applications (MVA2009) was co-sponsored by the MVA Conference Committee, IAPR TC-8, and Keio University. The venue was the newly built Collaboration Complex, Keio Hiyoshi Campus, which has been built as one of Keio University 150th Anniversary Commemorative Project. The oral sessions were held in Fujiwara Hall, with the capacity of over 250; the posters were presented in Multiple Purpose Rooms. In the hall and room for the presentations wireless network is provided to all the participants.

There were 202 participants from 25 countries. The topics of the conference were algorithms and architectures of machine vision applications. From 149 submissions, 39 oral presentation and 83 poster presentations were selected. In addition to the accepted papers, there were three IAPR invited talks: "Large Scale Image Search" by Dr. Cordelia Schmid of INRIA, France; "Focal Stack Photography: High-Performance Photography with a Conventional Camera" by Prof. Kyros Kutulakos of University of Toronto, Canada; and "Integration of Earth Observation Data: Challenge of GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems)" by Prof. Ryosuke Shibasaki, of The University of Tokyo, Japan.

The first MVA workshop was held in Tokyo in 1988, and at every MVA conferences after MVA'98, the Most Influential Paper over the Decade Award is given to the authors of papers appearing in the conference 10 years earlier which have been recognized as having had the most significant influence on machine vision technology over the subsequent decade. At MVA2009, five papers presented at MVA'98 were selected for this award: "Reconstruction Textured Urban 3D Model by Fusing Ground-Based Laser Range Image and CCD Image" by Huijing Zhao and Ryosuke Shibasaki; "Optimal Homography Computation with a Reliability Measure" by Kenichi Kanatani; "Illumination Invariant Face Recognition Using Photometric Stereo" by Seok Cheol Kee, Kyoung Mu Lee and Sang Uk Lee; "A Map-Based Approach to Extracting Object Information from Aerial Images" by Yukio Ogawa, Kazuaki Iwamura, and Shigeru Kakumoto; and "Feature-based Image Mosaicing" by Naoki Chiba, Hiroshi Kano, Minoru Higashihara, Masashi Yasuda, and Masato Osumi.

The awards were handed out at the banquet held at the Faculty Lounge in "Raiosha", Keio Hiyoshi Campus, where is located at just a few minutes walking distance from the conference venue.

The MVA Conference Committee is now planning to have the next MVA2011 in Kansai area of Japan. We wish to have a lot of excellent papers and discussions with many researchers from all over the world in the next MVA again.