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About MVA


The MVA Organization is a non-profit organization that runs a professional society consisting of researchers on Machine Vision and Applications, mainly from Japanese academia and industries. The goal of the organization is to promote research in the field by sponsoring a conference series on machine vision and applications.

Conference series

The conference series evolved three times. It began in 1988 as the International Association for Pattern Recognition (IAPR) Workshop on Computer Vision, held in Tokyo, in conjunction with the IAPR conference in Beijing. At the next meeting of this body, it was named the IAPR Workshop on Machine Vision Applications, or MVA. Subsequently, due to the increase in the number of papers and improvement in their quality, we renamed it again to the IAPR Conference on Machine Vision Applications, and this name has continued since MVA2005, the ninth of the series.

Late Professor Mikio Takagi

The series was run by a group of researchers loosely organized by the Late Professor Mikio Takagi (University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Science, and Shibaura Institute of Technology). MVA has been partly supported by the IAPR as well as universities and companies. It also has received much help from overseas in its organization. Nevertheless, it has consistently been organized by researchers led by the late Professor Mikio Takagi. After the sudden death of Professor Takagi, we have decided to establish an organization to carry on his activity, and have adopted the organizational structure itemized in the next section.

MVA Organization

Hideo Saito
Vice President
Yoichi Sato
Hiroshi Ishikawa
Yasuyo Kita
Takeshi Masuda
Kunio Nobori
Ryuzo Okada
Norimichi Ukita
Keiji Yamada
Norichika Yui
Masaki Suwa