Paper Submission

Important notes:

  • All manuscripts should be submitted online.
  • Full paper should be submitted for review. Do not submit extended abstracts.
  • Double-blinded review system is adopted. All papers for review must be anonymous.
  • Page limit is 4 pages including all figures, references, appendices and so on, and papers should be printable on A4 paper.
  • At least one author of each accepted paper must register for the conference as a speaker to ensure that your paper is included in the proceedings.


Page limit is 4 pages including all figures, references, appendices and so on, and papers should be printable on A4 paper. Your paper for reviewing must be anonymous, by eliminating any information (your name, affiliation, address, and so on) that can possibly identify you. Even when you refer to your own previous work, it is preferred to do it in the third person.

Other specifications (margins, fonts, etc.) should be set so that the appearance is as close as possible to the sample. You are encouraged to refer to the sample, which you can download from here (MS-WORD, TeX, PDF), in producing a PDF version of your paper for submission. The sample itself explains how to prepare your paper in the MVA paper form. You are kindly requested to submit the PDF paper after making sure that a) the length of the PDF paper remains within the page limit, b) the PDF file size is 2 MB or less, and c) the file can be read and printed by Adobe Reader.

The author's kit with information about camera-ready manuscript and registration for accepted papers will be placed on this website by February 25, 2011.

Online submission:

A detailed getting started manual of the online submission system for authors is available on .

A) Creating a user profile
1. Access the MVA2011 online paper submission server at .

2. Follow the PIN link to get to the PIN (Personal Identification Number) Wizard.

  • Every author needs to create and maintain a current personal profile in the system.
  • The system needs to store the following information on authors:
    • Full name
    • Contact address
    • E-mail, phone and fax. Phone and fax are optional
    • PIN (numerical identification number assigned to you when you set up a profile) and password
    • Research interest profile
The information stored on the system is only available to MVA's conference administrators and is NOT shared by any third party mailing list or marketers.

B) Submitting a manuscript
The paper submission server can be accessed through the "Submit a contribution to MVA2011" link on .

The following information is required for submitting a manuscript:

  • PINs of all co-authors of the manuscript - it is necessary to enter all PINs at this stage to prevent potential conflicts. The PINs of co-authors can be found by following the link .
  • For consistency please enter the PINs in the same order as the names appear on the manuscript. You will need to designate one of the authors as the "corresponding author." Only the corresponding author may update submission information, re-upload the paper, or submit the final paper.
  • Title of your paper.
  • Keywords for your paper. The keywords will be used in assigning your paper to appropriate reviewers.
  • Approximately 200-word "plain text only" abstract.
  • A compliance tested PDF file of your paper. You may test whether the file is compliant by following the link "Test your PDF file".
  • (Optional) A supplementary video or high quality image for review process. (The maximal file size is 15 MB. Single file with the extension mpg or mpeg or wmv or avi or jpg or jpeg or bmp.)
Please follow other instructions on the paper submission server to submit your paper. Additional information on the paper submission process is available at the following address .

IAPR Ethical Requirements for Authors:

The IAPR requires that all authors wishing to present a paper declare that:
  • The paper is substantially original and that no paper substantially similar in content has been submitted or will be submitted to any other conference or journal during the MVA2011 review period.
  • The paper does not contain any plagiarism, and
  • The paper will be presented by the author or a co-author in person.
The IAPR retains the right to eliminate any papers in violation of these requirements and to exclude the authors of such papers from future IAPR community activities.

MVA reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from electronic archive of past MVA proceedings) if the paper is not presented at the conference.


Please contact if you have any questions about the paper submission.