Information for authors

This web page provides authors with information that will help to prepare and submit camera-ready manuscripts.

1. Documents to submit

The authors must submit following three documents by April 8, 2011.
  1. i)    Camera-ready manuscript through On-line submission system
  2. ii)   Copyright Transfer Form through the same On-line submission system as above
  3. iii)  Registration Form through On-line registration system
You could find the details for i), ii) in 3. i) and ones for iii)    in 3. ii)

2. Preparing your Camera-Ready Manuscript

All manuscripts must be in English. Manuscripts should not exceed four pages. Up to two additional pages will be allowed with extra payment at the time of registration. Extra charge is 10,000 yen for each additional page. The proceedings are printed in black and white. If you use color figures, we recommend printing them in gray-scale beforehand and checking their appearance. The proceedings CD can include color figures.

Author's guides are available at any of the following links: The guides also serve as an example.

3. Submission and Registration Instructions

The authors must complete the following procedures by April 8, 2011. The deadline is extremely strict.

i) Submit your final camera-ready manuscript by Online.

Access the MVA2011 online submission system at with your PIN (Personal Information Number). The PIN and password are the same ones that authors used for submitting the paper for review. The files to upload are as follows:
  • A PDF file of your final camera-ready manuscript (The maximal file size is 2 MB.)
  • (Optional) A supplementary video or high quality image for CD proceedings (The maximal file size is 15 MB. Single file with the extension mpg or mpeg or wmv or avi or jpg or jpeg or bmp.)
A detailed manual of the online submission system for authors is available on You may find it useful to read Chapter 4.

ii) Register Online (Mandatory)

At least one author for your paper must complete the registration as a speaker to ensure that your paper is included in the proceedings. The speaker must give oral presentation or poster presentation without fail. The advance-registration fee is applied for the speaker. If the speaker fails to appear for the presentation, all the rights covered by the registration will be jeopardized, including the right to receive a copy of the proceedings. MVA also reserves the right to exclude a paper from distribution after the conference (e.g., removal from electronic archive of past MVA proceedings) if the paper is not presented at the conference. Registration procedures are different depending on where you participate in the conference from.

For participants from outside Japan:

You are requested to register at Payment of the fee can be made by credit card or bank transfer. For credit-card payment, your credit card information must be sent by FAX. If the payment was made by bank transfer it must include any extra charges for your manuscript. We do not accept personal checks.

For participants from Japan:

You are requested to register at Payment of the fee must be made by bank transfer. The bank transfer must include any extra charges for your manuscript. We do not accept personal checks.

3. Visa

A visa for entering Japan, if necessary, can be obtained at the nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate. Detailed information can be found at Please note that obtaining visa can take one to two months. Visa letters will only be issued to speakers/presenters, committee members, and attendees who have paid the registration fee in full. If an invitation letter for visa application is needed, please apply for your invitation letter in registration form.

4. Inquiries

Please contact if you have any questions about the information for authors.