The MVA2007 committee does not provide official accommodations. Accommodation reservations are your own responsibility. However, the committee has reserved a block of rooms in the Shinjuku New City Hotel for your convenience. The hotel is 15-minute walk from the Shinjuku terminal and offers the special rates of 8,400JPY (per person per night) for a "single" room with a full-size bed and 12,600JPY (per night) for a "twin" room with two beds. The rates include 10% service charge and 5% value-added tax. You can reserve the room by sending a dedicated reservation form directly to the hotel.

Note:The rooms the committee reserved have been fully booked.

Many hotels are available around Shinjuku and Shibuya terminals. For instance:

Under 20,000JPYOver 20,000JPY
Shinjuku AreaShinjuku Washington Hotel
Century Hyatt Tokyo
Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo
Park Hyatt Tokyo Hotel
Shibuya AreaShibuya Tokyu Inn Hotel
Shibuya Excel Hotel
Cerulean Tower Tokyo Hotel

The Shinjuku Washington Hotel and the Century Hyatt Tokyo provide a large number of rooms with business-use rate, while the Park Hyatt Tokyo offers executive accommodations in Shinjuku area. In Shibuya area, the Shibuya Tokyu Inn and Shibuya Excel Hotel have mid-range-priced rooms. You can also find numerous other hotels by room-finder web-sites.

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