Information for authors

This web page provides authors with information that will help to prepare and submit camera-ready manuscripts and other documents.

1. Documents to submit

The authors must submit following three documents by March 20, 2007. The deadline is extremely strict.
i) Camera-ready manuscript by On-line submission
ii) Signed Copyright Transfer Form by FAX or Postal Mail
iii) Filled-in Registration Form by FAX or Postal Mail

On-line submission for i)
Note: The login ID (email address) and the Password for entering the on-line submission are same ones that the author created to submit the paper for review.

Postal Address and FAX Number for ii) and iii)

Prof. Katsushi Ikeuchi
Institute of Industrial Science
The University of Tokyo
4-6-1 Komaba Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-8505, JAPAN
FAX: +81-3-5452-6244

2. Detailed Information about Documents

i) Guide for Authors(MS-WORD document) that explains how to prepare your camera-ready manuscript: This guide itself serves as an example (MS-WORD document). The camera-ready manuscript should not exceed four pages. Up to two additional pages will be allowed with extra payment at the time of registration. Extra charge is 10,000 yen for each additional page.
The proceedings will be published both in printed form and on CD-ROM. The paper proceedings are printed in black and white. If you use color figures, we recommend printing them in gray-scale beforehand and checking their appearance. The CD proceedings can include color figures.
We recommend that you produce a PDF version of your manuscript well before the final deadline. You will need to check that (a) the length of the paper remains within the page limit, (b) the PDF file size is 5 megabytes or less, and (c) the file can be read and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Concerning (c), you must embed all necessary fonts into your PDF. After embedding, check it again according to the following procedure if you use Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0, for example. 1) Under the Document menu, be sure that "Use local fonts" is not checked, 2) Under the File menu, select "Document Properties", 3) In the Document Properties dialogue, select "Fonts", and 4) Check whether all fonts are embedded properly.

ii) Copyright Transfer Form that must be signed and submitted by fax or postal mail:
This is a requisite for publishing your paper.

iii) Registration Form that must be submitted by fax or postal mail:
At least one author for your paper must complete the registration as a speaker to ensure that your paper is included in the proceedings. The speaker must give oral presentation or poster presentation without fail. The advance-registration fee is applied for the speaker. If the speaker fails to appear for the presentation, all the rights covered by the registration will be jeopardized, including the right to receive a copy of the proceedings. Other rules for registration are indicated on the registration form. You may fill this form and send it back to us by postal mail or fax. You can pay the fee by a credit card or bank transfer. If you pay it by bank transfer, you must attach a copy of the certificate of bank transfer. This bank transfer must include any extra charges for your manuscript. We do not accept personal checks.

3. Inquiries

If you have inquiries about the information for authors, please feel free to ask us. The session information for presenters will appear at this page soon.

Dr. Hiroshi Sako
Program Chair, MVA2007 Conference Committee