Advance Program



November 28 - 30, 2000
The University of Tokyo, Japan


Tuesday,  November 28,  2000

Registration  (8:30 - 9:00)

Opening Session  (9:00 - 9:20)

Session 1:   FA  and  Security  (9:20 - 11:20)

Break  (11:20 - 11:40)

Session 2:   Multimedia  (11:40 - 13:00)

Lunch  (13:00 - 14:00)

Session 3:   Poster Session 1  (14:00 - 15:30)

Session 4:   Invited Talk 1  (15:30 - 16:30) "Evolution of Real-Time Image Processing in Practical Applications" by Dr. Masakazu Ejiri (Hitachi)

Session 5:   Color Image Analysis  (16:30 - 17:50)

Wednesday,  November 29,  2000

Session 6: Human Computer Interaction (9:00 - 10:40) 

Break  (10:40 - 11:00)

Session 7:   Feature Extraction  (11:00 - 12:40)

Lunch  (12:40 - 13:40)

Session 8:   Poster Session 2  (13:40 - 15:10)

Session 9:   Invited Talk 2  (15:10 - 16:10) "Computer Vision Techniques for Content-Based Image Retrieval from Large Medical Databases" by Prof. Avi Kak (Purdue University)

Session 10:  Medical Applications  (16:10 - 17:30)

Thursday,  November 30,  2000

Session 11:   Range and 3D Analysis  (9:00 - 10:40)

Break  (10:40 - 11:00)

Session 12:  Motion  and  Image  Sequence Analysis (11:00 - 12:40)

Lunch  (12:40 - 13:40)

Session 13:   Poster Session 3  (13:40 - 15:10)

Session 14:   Invited Talk 3  (15:10 - 16:10) "Machine Vision for Medicine of 21st Century" by Prof. Nicholas Ayache (INRIA)

Session 15:   Parameter Estimation  (16:10 - 17:30)

Tuesday,  November 28,  2000

Registration  (8:30 - 9:00)

Opening Session  (9:00 - 9:20)

Announcement of MVA Award

Session 1:   FA  and  Security  (9:20 - 11:20)

1-1 Reconstruction of Fiber Orientation Distribution by Observing Interference Fringe Patterns and    Elliptical Marks

    M. Kawamura  and  S. Morita,  Japan

1-2 Detection and Classification of Sewer Pipe    Junctions Using Reflective Photometric Stereo

    T. P. Pridmore, S. Broadhurst and N. Taylor,  UK

1-3 Partial Automation of Database Acquisition in the FAVRET Face Tracking and Recognition System   Using a Bootstrap Approach

    S. Clippingdale  and  T. Ito,  Japan

1-4 Automatic Intruder Detection and Tracking System with Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera

    T. Haga,  H. Fujiwara  and  K. Sumi,  Japan

1-5 Road Traffic Surveillance with Multiple Views

    T. Hasegawa  and  H. Zen,  Japan

1-6 A Method for Monitoring Activities of Multiple   Objects by Using Stochastic Model

    N. Enomoto  and  T. Kanade,  Japan

Break  (11:20 - 11:40)

Session 2:   Multimedia  (11:40 - 13:00)

2-1 Flexible Auto-Calibration and Its Application to Augmented Reality

    Y. Seo,  A. Heyden  and  K-S. Hong,  Korea

2-2 Enhanced Augmented Reality with Shadows in Naturally Illuminated Environments

    T-O. Kim,  K-S. Hong,  I. Sato  and  K. Ikeuchi,  Korea

2-3 On the Precision of Textures

    F. Nielsen  and  N. de Mauroy,  Japan

2-4 Finding Minimal Photo Hull for Image-Based  Rendering by Carving Space with Progressively Stricter Consistent Criterion

    C-M. Tsai  and  C-S. Chen,  Taiwan

Lunch  (13:00 - 14:00)

Session 3:   Poster Session 1  (14:00 - 15:30)

3-1 Comparison of Color Space Models Based on Human Color Classification and Image Segmentation

    K. Takahashi, M. Matsuura, T. Sugiyama and K. Abe,  Japan

3-2 Automatic Inspection of Solder Joints on Printed Circuit Board Using Wavelet Transform and SVMs.

    T. S. Yun, K. J. Sim, S. W. Hwang, and H. J. Kim,  Korea

3-3 A Recognition Method for Skewed Four-State Bar Codes by Uing Raster-Scanned Binary Images and Connected Components

    Y. Shima, K. Marukawa, H. Shinjoo, K. Nakashima, M. Koga and T. Kagehiro,  Japan

3-4 Granulometry Using Mathematical Morphology and Motion

    F. Dornaika  and  H. Zhang,  Canada

3-5 Using Poor Quality Images of Pads Instead of Fiducial Marks In Vision Assisted Assembly of PCB's

    K. Khalili,  Iran

3-6 Removing the Intensity Variations Caused by Textures on Textile Surfaces Using Wavelet Shrinkage

    H. Fujiwara  and  Z. Zhang,  Japan

3-7 Automated TV-set Raster Tuning System

    R. Kh. Sadykhov, A. V. Klimovich, O. G. Malenko and  L. P. Podenok,  Belarus

3-8 Development of Visual Inspection System Based on Vector Analysis Technique

    M. Sakuma, K. Kubo, S. Kanemoto, T. Butsuen,   Y. Saito  and  K. Horii,  Japan

3-9 Airport Monitoring System : Robust Airplane   Extraction against Variable Environmental   Conditions

    T. Aoki, O. Nakayama, M. Shiohara and S. Sasaki,  Japan

3-10 License Plate Recognition Using Associative Matching Based on Clique-Finding

    M. Shi, W. Ohyama, T. Wakabayashi and         F. Kimura,  Japan

3-11 A Free-Form Snake-Based Algorithm for      Lane Detection

    Z. Lu  and  E. K. Teoh,  Singapore

3-12 Real Time Vision Based Road Lane Detection and Tracking

    R. Aufrere, R. Chapuis and F. Chausse,  France

3-13 Vision Based Global Navigation System for Autonomous Urban Transport Vehicles in Outdoor   Partially Known Environments

    M. A. Sotelo, L. Magdalena, F. J. Rodrigues and   L. M. Bergasa,  Spain

3-14 Real-Time Camera Parameter Estimation from Images for a Wearable Vision System

    T. Okuma,  T. Kurata  and  K. Sakaue,  Japan

3-15 Surface Evolution Based on Wave Propagation and Its Application to Topology-Adaptive 3-D  Modeling

    K. Hara,  H. Zha  and  T. Hasegawa,  Japan

3-16 Realistic Virtual Face and Body Synthesis

    J. Yan  and  H. Zhang,  China

3-17 Bayesian Shot Detection Using Structural Weighting

    S. H. Han  and  I. S. Kweon,  Korea

3-18 Facial Caricaturing System Controlled by the KANSEI of Gallery Through the Feedback from Eye-Camera

    M. Tominaga, T. Asao, K. Murakami and         H. Koshimizu,  Japan

3-19 Visualization System Displaying Retrieved   Images in a 2-D Semantic Space

    Y. Musha  and  A. Hiroike,  Japan

3-20 Extracting Story Units from Video Using     Contextual Information

    H-B. Kang,  Korea

3-21 On the Detection of Feature Points of 3D Facial Image and Its Application to 3D Facial Caricature

    T. Fujiwara, M. Tominaga, K. Kato, K. Murakami and H. Koshimizu,  Japan

3-22 Optimized Camera Viewpoint Determination  System for Soccer Game Broadcasting

    K. Matsumoto, S. Sudo, H. Saito and S. Ozawa,  Japan

3-23 Static Test of MPEG-4 Visual Decoders

    W-S. Kim, I-S. Park, S-H. Park, B-U. Lee and   R-H. Park,  Korea

3-24 Qualitative Decomposition of Range Images into Convex Parts / Objects

     X. Jiang,  Switzerland

3-25 A New Face Recognition System with Robustness against Illumination Changes

    R. Ishiyama, S. Sakamoto and J. Tajima,  Japan

3-26 A Face Recognition Algorithm Robust Against Illumination Variations Using 3-Dimensional Face Shape

    H. Imaoka  and  S. Sakamoto,  Japan

3-27 Detecting Perceptual Color Changes from     Sequential Images for Scene Surveillance

    M. Rautiainen, T. Ojila and H. Kauniskangas,  Finland

3-28 A Face Recognition Terminal with Effective   Illumination for Access Control Systems

    T. Sato, H. Sukegawa, K. Yokoi and A. Okazaki,  Japan

3-29 Partial Face Extraction and Recognition Using Radial Basis Function Networks

    H. Nan,  K. Sato  and  Y. Takahashi,  Japan

3-30 Real-Time Facial Feature Detection for Person Identification System

    S. U. Lee, Y. S. Cho, S. C. Kee and S. R. Kim, Korea

3-31 Iris Identification System Using Tree-Structured Wavelet Algorithm

    T. R. Mengko,  A. Ardianti  and  A. Setyorini, Indonesia

3-32 An Active Search of Local Individualities for an Off-line Signature Verification

    S. Ando  and  M. Nakajima,  Japan

3-33 A Character Pattern Extraction Method      Applicable to Various Types of Images

    H. Goto  and  H. Aso,  Japan

3-34 Computational Analysis for Conservation of Works of Art

    V. Kokla,  A. Psarrou,  A. Alexopoulou  and    V. Konstantinou,  UK

3-35 An Environment to Test Progressive Refinement of Indexing for Content-Based Image Retrieval

    M. G. Albanesi, M. Ferretti and A. Giancane, Italy

Session 4:   Invited Talk 1  (15:30 - 16:30)

Evolution of Real-Time Image Processing in Practical Applications

Dr. Masakazu Ejiri (Hitachi)

Session 5:   Color Image Analysis  (16:30 - 17:50)

5-1 Visual Inspection of Parquet Slabs by Combining Color and Texture

    J. Kyllonen  and  M. Pietikainen,  Finland

5-2 Shape Based Segmentation and Color Distribution Analysis with Application to Bread Recognition

    D. Pishva, K. Hirakawa, A. Kawai and T. Shiino,  Japan

5-3 Extraction of Character String Areas from Color Scenery Image Using Psychological Potential Field

    M. Anegawa,  A. Nakamura  and  S. Miyahara,  Japan

5-4 3D Shape Reconstruction Using Three Light Sources in Image Scanner

    H. Ukida  and  K. Konishi,  Japan

Wednesday,  November 29,  2000

Session 6: Human Computer Interaction (9:00 - 10:40)

6-1 Virtual Subspace Method for Robust Face      Recognition Independent of Lighting Conditions

    T. Shakunaga  and  N. Yamamoto,  Japan

6-2 Feature Ordering by Cross Validation for Face Detection

    T. Kurita,  K. Hotta  and  T. Mishima,  Japan

6-3 Visual Screen: Transforming an Ordinary Screen into a Touch Screen

    Z. Zhang and Y. Shan,  USA

6-4 A Multi-Modal Interface for Recognizing Gestures Expressed by Cyclically Repeated Motion of the Hand

    M. Nishimura, A. Nishikawa, K. Koara and       F. Miyazaki,  Japan

6-5 Proposal of an Adaptive Vision-Based Operational Intention Inference System in Human/Robot   Coexistence

    M. A. Thi Ho, Y. Yamada, T. Sakai, T. Morizono and Y. Umentani,  Japan

Break  (10:40 - 11:00)

Session 7:   Feature Extraction  (11:00 - 12:40)

7-1 Line Matching through Global Optimization   Constrained by Projective Invariants

    A. Branca,  E. Stella  and  A. Distante,  Italy

7-2 Robust Picture Matching Based on Selective   Correlation Coefficient

    Y. Sato,  S. Kaneko  and  S. Igarashi,  Japan

7-3 Applicable Method to Specular Surface for     Recovering the Sign of the Local Gaussian    Curvature

    S. Fukui,  Y. Iwahori,  R. J. Woodham, K. Funahashi and  A. Iwata,  Japan

7-4 New A/D Conversion Technique for Smart Image Sensor

    T. Hamamoto,  Y. Ino  and  K. Aizawa,  Japan

7-5 A Video-Rate Stereo System by Integration of Two Algorithms with/without Occlusion Handling

    Y. Sugaya  and  Y. Ohta,  Japan

Lunch  (12:40 - 13:40)

Session 8:   Poster Session 2  (13:40 - 15:10)

8-1 Curve Matching with Probabilistic Relaxation

    Y. Shan  and  Z. Zhang,  USA

8-2 Line Segment Detection by High Performance  Digital Template Hough Transform DTHT

    S. Li, M. Tominaga, K. Kato, K. Murakami,       H. Koshimizu  and  J. Hayashi,  Japan

8-3 Yet Another Appearance-Based Method for Pose Estimation Based on a Linear Model

    T. Okatani  and  K. Deguchi,  Japan

8-4 Object Recognition Using Orientation Code Matching

    F. Ullah, S. Kaneko and S. Igarashi,  Japan

8-5 Edge-Based Segmentation of Textured Images  Using Optimally Selected Gabor Filters

    B. R. Okombi-Diba, J. Miyamichi and K. Shoji,  Japan

8-6 Evolutionary Feature Selection for Texture    Classification Using Multiwavelets

    B. Y. Liao, J. W. Wang, F. H. Wang, J. S. Pan and  C. S. Shieh,  Taiwan

8-7 Structural Stability Analysis for Texture        Recognition

    Y. Miyamoto, M. N. Shirazi and K. Uehara,  Japan

8-8 Distortion-Free Navigation of Omni-Directional Images Using Constructive Neural Networks

    F. Ekpar,  M. Yoneda  and  H. Hase,  Japan

8-9 Multi-Spectral Panoramic Sensor

    O. Romain, T. Ea, C. Gastaud and P. Garda,  France

8-10 A New Computational Image Sensor with     Programmable Spatially Variant Multiresolution  Readout Capability

    Y. Ohtsuka  and  K. Aizawa,  Japan

8-11 A Multi-Resolution Image Understanding System Based on Multi-agent Architecture for High-Resolution Images

    K. Yanai  and  K. Deguchi,  Japan

8-12 Evaluation of Two Real Time Low Level Image Processing Architecture

    S. Persa, C. Nicolescu and P. Jonker,           The Netherlands

8-13 A Fully Automatic Segmentation Method for   Virtual Bronchoscopy

    K. Ku,  D. Kim  and  J. H. Kim,  Korea

8-14 Active Contours for Bolus Tracking in X-Ray  Images Sequences

    E. Dellandrea, P. Makris, M. Boiron and N. Vincent,  France

8-15 Cell Tracking Using Random Sampling

    L. Liang  and  B. G. Hu,  China

8-16 A Fully Automatic Alignment of Electron Tomography Images without Fiducial Markers

    S. Brandt  and  J. Heikkonen,  Finland

8-17 Automatic Segmentation of Features in Medical CT Imagery

    A. L. Reno  and  D. M. Booth,  UK

8-18 Retinal Image Segmentation by Watersheds

    C. Perra, M. Petrou and D. D. Giusto,  Italy

8-19 Self-Organization of Viewpoint Dependent Face Representation by the Self-Supervised Learning and Viewpoint Independent Face Recognition by the Mixture of Classifiers

    T. Kurita, H. Shimai, T. Mishima and T. Takahashi,  Japan

8-20 3D Model-Based Detection of People in Monocular Video Sequences Taken in Trainstations

    S. Huwer  and  H. Niemann,  Germany

8-21 Local Zernike Moments Vector for Content-Based Queries in Image Data Base

    E. Bigorgne, C. Achard and J. Devars,  France

8-22 Face Recognition Using Independent Component Analysis of Gabor Responses

    K-C. Chung,  S. C. Kee  and  S. R. Kim,  Korea

8-23 A Library System for Small-Scale Library

    M. Yasuda, K. Iwata, K. Yamamoto, K. Kato, K. Tanahashi and K. Murata,  Japan

8-24 Towards a Definition of a Vision System for Blinds

    Edwige, E. Pissaloux and H. Bouayed,  France

8-25 Detection and Estimation of Omni-Directional Pointing Gestures Using Multiple Cameras

    H. Watanabe, H. Hongo, M. Yasumoto and       K. Yamamoto,  Japan

8-26 Gesture Control for Use in Automobiles

    S. Akyol, U. Canzler, K. Bengler, and W. Hahn,  Germany

8-27 Cooperative Distributed Tracking for Effective Face Registration

    T. Kato, Y. Mukaigawa and T. Shakunaga,  Japan

8-28 Performance Analysis of Gabor Responses in Face Recognition

    M. Rajapakse  and  Y. Guo,  Singapore

8-29 On Eye Gaze Determination via Iris Contour

    J-G. Wang  and  E. Sung,  Singapore

8-30 Image Retrieval through Abstract Shape      Indication

    A. Brucale, F. Cesari, M. d'Amico, M. Ferri,       P. Frosini, L. Gualandri, M. Guerra, A. Lovato and     I. Pace,  Italy

8-31 Re-generation of Facial Image Eye-Contacting with Partner on the TV Conference Environment

    T. Yamaguchi, M. Tominaga, K. Murakami and   H. Koshimizu,  Japan

8-32 Human Face Image Creation for Virtual Space Teleconferencing Using Camera Input Images

    H. Sato, N. Terashima and H. Tominaga,  Japan

8-33 A Visual Support System for Visually Impaired Persons Using Acoustic Interface

    Y. Kawai  and  F. Tomita,  Japan

8-34 A Field Mapping System to Distinguish Clover Stocks from Grass Thicket Using a Texture Analysis Method

    H. Tamura,  O. Atoda  and  K. Sakai,  Japan

8-35 A Detection Method of Cracks and Structural Objects of the Road Surface Image

    N. Tanaka  and  M. Mouri,  Japan

8-36 Chinese Character Classification Based on Rough Set and SVM Algorithm

    J-S. Fan  and  T-J. Fang,  China

Session 9:   Invited Talk 2  (15:10 - 16:10)

Computer Vision Techniques for Content-Based Image Retrieval from Large Medical Databases

Prof. Avi Kak (Purdue University)

Session 10:  Medical Applications  (16:10 - 17:30)

10-1 Automatic Transfer of Pre-Operation fMRI  Markers into Intra-Operation MR-Images for  Updating Functional Neuronavigation

    M. Wolf, T. Vogel, P. Weierich, Ch. Nimsky and   H. Niemann,  Germany

10-2 Camera Motion Estimation from Real Endoscope Images Using Virtualized Endoscope System

    J. Sugiyama, H. Syouji, K. Mori, Y. Suenaga,      J. Toriwaki and J. Hasegawa,  Japan

10-3 Automated Left Ventricle Boundary Delineation from Constrast Ventriculogram

    L. Sui,  F. H. Sheehan  and  R. M. Haralick,  USA

10-4 Computer-Aided Diagnostic System Based on Liver CT image

    J-S. Hong, T. Kaneko, R. Sekiguchi and K-H. Park,  Korea

Thursday,  November 30,  2000

Session 11:   Range and 3D Analysis  (9:00 - 10:40)

11-1 Dense Disparity Map Estimation Respecting   Image Discontinuities: A PDE and Scale-Space Based Approach

    L. Alvarez, R. Deriche, J. Sanchez and J. Weickert,  France

11-2 Reconstruction of Architectural Scenes from   Uncalibrated Photos and Maps

    I. Infantino,  R. Cipolla  and  A. Chella,  Italy

11-3 Shape from Pattern Light Projection:  Object Having a Diffusive and Specular Surface

    S. Tsukamoto  and  H. Miike,  Japan

11-4 Fast ICP Algorithm Using a One-Dimensional Search

    W-S. Kim  and  R-H. Park,  Korea

11-5 Finding Line Segments in Range Images

    C. Guerra  and  V. Pascucci,  Italy

Break  (10:40 - 11:00)

Session 12:  Motion  and  Image  Sequence Analysis (11:00 - 12:40)

12-1 Self-Calibration from Optical Flow and Its    Reliability Evaluation

    K. Kanatani,  Japan

12-2 A 3-D Motion Recovery Technique for Group Sports Employing Uncalibrated Video Cameras

    J. K. Tan, S. Ishikawa and K. Hayashi,  Japan

12-3 Recovering Camera Motion from Image Sequence Based on Registration of Silhouette Cones: Shape from Silhouette Using a Mobile Camera with a  Gyro Sensor

    T. Okatani  and  K. Deguchi,  Japan

12-4 Motion Segmentation and Tracking by Embedding Global Model Within a Contextual Relaxation Scheme

    Y. Chen  and  T. S. Huang,  USA

12-5 Shape and Motion Estimation from Geometric Primitives in Video Streams

    P-L. Bazin, J-M. Vezien and A. Gagalowicz,  France

Lunch  (12:40 - 13:40)

Session 13:   Poster Session 3  (13:40 - 15:10)

13-1 Recovering Shape of Unfolded Books Surface from a Scanner Image Using Eigenspace Method

     H. Ukida, K. Konishi, T. Wada and T. Matsuyama,  Japan

13-2 A Decomposition Approach to Geometric Fitting

     X. Jiang,  Switzerland

13-3 A Novel Phased-Based Stereo Matching Algorithm for Disparity Estimation

     C. Wen,  X. Ping  and  T. Zhang,  China

13-4 Projective Differential Stereo Vision with Robust Segmentation by M-Estimation

     A. Miyamoto, T. Kondo, S. Kaneko and S. Igarashi,  Japan

13-5 Object Recognition Based on Depth Aspect Image Matching

     T. Takeguchi, S. Kaneko, T. Kondo and S. Igarashi,  Japan

13-6 Fast Lighting/Rendering Solution for Matching a 2D Image to a Database of 3D Models : "LightSphere"

    A. P. Blicher  and  S. Roy,  USA

13-7 Fitting 3D Models To 2D Imagery: A Physics Based Approach

     M. Berger, V. Kwavtchenko-Berejnoi and        S. Scherer,  Austria

13-8 Registration of Range Images Considering Depth Measurement Error

     K-S. Yoon, B-U. Lee, R-H. Park, W-S. Kim and  Korea

13-9 Area-Based Estimation of Stereo Disparity Using Hierarchical Windows

     A. Osa, H. Yamashita and H. Miike,  Japan

13-10 Nonlinear Diffusion of Normals for Stable   Detection of Ridges and Ravines on Range    Images and Polygonal Models

     Y. Ohtake  and  A. Belyaev,  Japan

13-11 A Fast Snake-Based Method to Track Football Player

     S. Lefevre, C. Fluck, B. Maillard and N. Vincent,  France

13-12 Determining Temporally Evaluated Optical Flow

     R. Okada, Y. Taniguchi and K. Onoguchi,  Japan

13-13 Model-Based 3D Motion Analysis via Robust Estimation

     J. Rocha  and  A. Mir,  Spain

13-14 A Template Locating Criterion for Electronic Image Stabilizer Application

     H. R. Pourreza, M. Rahmati and F. Behazin, Iran

13-15 Human Tracking Based on Hierarchical Attention Control

     J. Satake  and  T. Shakunaga,  Japan

13-16 Feature-Based Real-Time Human Face Tracking Using Lie Algebras

     A. Inoue, T. Drummond and R. Cipolla,  Japan

13-17 A Hand Tracking System Using Condensation Algorithm and Active Shape Models

     L. Liang,  China

13-18 A Unique Recovery of 3D Shape and Size from Motion

     A. Amano, T. Migita and N. Asada,  Japan

13-19 Comparison of Motion Estimation Algorithms

     H. Wang, W. Song and R. Jarvis,  Singapore

13-20 A Block-Based Motion Estimator Capable of   Handling Occlusions

     M. J. W. Mertens, G. de Haan,  The Netherlands

13-21 Tracking Many Pedestrians in the Crowd

     K. Uchida, J. Miura and Y. Shirai,  Japan

13-22 Combating Occlusion and Scene Changes for Camera Position Determination

     P. Quick, D. Capson,  Canada

13-23 Mosaic Representations of Video Shots Based on Slice Image Analysis

     F. Shaolei, L. Hangqing and L. Dalong,  China

13-24 A Method for Estimating Multiple Motion Parameters and Planar Surface Parameters without Feature Point Correspondence

     A. Minagawa, Y. Horie, N. Tagawa and T. Tanaka,  Japan

13-25 Estimation of Surface Location of a Textured Plane Using Spectral Moments

     T. Tsuji  and  Y. Yoshida,  Japan

13-26 Face Sequence Matching with Certainty Factor Evaluation

     H. Mo  and  S. Satoh,  Japan

13-27 Foreground Detection with Non-stationary Background

     Y. Ren, C-S. Chua and Y-K. Ho,  Singapore

13-28 Optimal Grid Pattern for Automated Matching Using Cross Ratio

     C. Matsunaga  and  K. Kanatani,  Japan

13-29 A Linear Metric Reconstruction by Complex Eigen-Decomposition

     Y. Seo  and  K-S. Hong,  Korea

13-30 Versatile Cooperative Multiple-Object Tracking by Active Vision Agents

     N. Ukita  and  T. Matsuyama,  Japan

13-31 Application of Hybrid Fractal Image Compression Method for Aerial Photographs

     L. Yulianti  and  T. R. Mengko,  Indonesia

13-32 3D Reconstruction Based on Epipolar Geometry

     M. Kimura  and  H. Saito,  Japan

13-33 Optimization of Image Processing by Genetic and Evolutionary Computation:  How to Realize Still Better Performance

     H. Shimodaira,  Japan

13-34 3D City Modeling with Laser Range Data and 2D Maps

     P. Wang, T. Doihara, K. Oda and W. Lu,  Japan

13-35 From Digital Map to 3D Map:  Creating 3D Map by Motion Stereo Utilizing 2D Map

     M. Uehara  and  H. Zen,  Japan

13-36 Map Generation from Aerial Imagery Using Data Compression

     T. Watanabe, K. Sugawara, H. Sugihara and    K. Sukegawa,  Japan

Session 14:   Invited Talk 3  (15:10 - 16:10)

Machine Vision for Medicine of 21st Century

Prof. Nicholas Ayache (INRIA)

Session 15:   Parameter Estimation  (16:10 - 17:30)

15-1 Radial Distortion Snakes

    S. B. Kang,  USA

15-2 Grasping Objects of Various Shapes by       Calibration-Free Vision-Guided Robots

    V. Graefe  and  M-C. Nguyen,  Germany

15-3 Feature-Based Lens Distortion Correction for Image Mosaicing

    N. Chiba,  M. Minoh  and  H. Kano,  Japan

15-4 From Surface Roughness to Surface Displacements

    H. Mayer,  Austria